From Sunfish to Laser..Or Sunfish to 420

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Hi, i have been racing sunfish for 2 years now...and i want to have more thrills and more challenge, but at the same time more fun... I want to know if it would be more appropriate if i should got to laser from sunfish... or from sunfish to c420.
I believe you should determine how you want to have fun... The easiest answer is to get a boat that has the most sailing and racing close to you... if they sail lasers and not fish, then that is a natural progression... 420s are great boats (as are lasers and Sunfish), but if there is not a local fleet then you will have to travel... It is nice to be able to sail against identical boats (one design racing)... this will give you automatic feedback, without having to do handicapped calculations... also consider if you sail a 420, you must have a crew... Also you can keep racing your Sunfish and travel to Regional Regattas and North AMerican Championships...


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I made the Sunfish to Laser transition couple years back and it was a big one! At least here Lasers are so much popular and much more competitive. Racing is much more intense, many different people, not the 'same faces' all of the time which can be good or bad. The only thing about Lasers I've seen it's a class where only the strongest survive and the weak... well don't show up any more (just an observation from my area). Where in Sunfish it was much more accepting and more relaxed. They both have their pros and cons but sailing a Laser is much more exciting and technical than it is compared to a Sunfish. Just my two cents.
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Thanks guys... i have a crew for 420.. permanent.. my brother...and i have a summer series with 6 regattas tht race 420's, laser radials and 4.7.... sunfish died off.. which is why i need a new boat. 420 seems too fun. but so does laser...
Borrow someones laser, then someones 420. See which one you like more. Also if you decide on a laser won't you need two one for your brother and one for you?