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TIME to show CONCERN for the FUTURE of the most popular Olympic Dinghy EVER, the boat we all love to sail and compete, the
The disputes between the parts, legal actions, NAME CHANGE are only DAMAGING this great class reputation, and jeopardizing the chances of this great boat to remain an Olympic class for 2024 and beyond.
Isn't it the TIME for some mediation to happen? For parts to sit TOGETHER and come to an agreement, including World Sailing?.
I believe SAILORS should have a VOICE in this as we are the ones who MAKE this class GREAT around the world.
Hope we can still catch a good shift and CHANGE DIRECTION !!!
And he's right.


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He's out of touch.

The name change is part of the effort to do exactly what he wants: to keep the class's reputation and to stay Olympic. And ILCA (the organization) is doing that for, and representing the SAILORS (sic).

To keep LaserPerformance (and the name) in the game requires them to give up at least half of their markets, and change ownership and management. How likely is that?

I find it amusing that if the ICLA succeeds in the name and other changes, the boat supply issues in Brazil are likely to improve a lot making life better for Brazilian Laser/ICLA sailors