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From Laser Performance' FB page: Olympic Contracts Status documents


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Interesting - especially that there's already talk that LP has changed some of the original wording.

There's obvious rewriting in 7.1 (a) of the "commercial undertakings" contract, which now says "...shall not violate or compromise any trademark or intellectual property rights of respective owners of such rights;". It makes one think LP still wants to keep competition out of their territory. However, that would contradict other parts of the same document, as well as other contracts.

All in all, I'm pretty surprised that LP has come this far, and it's not inconceivable that we'll rather sooner than later have all contracts approved by everybody. Whew!


Rob B

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Hopefully with the added leverage of a "Yes" vote in our pockets Rathsgar will see the light and get on board now. AND the NA will be able to source a supplier or two who will re-establish the flow of class related boats and gear!