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PS Brad: Shevy Gunter has a problem with having every little issue in this board his problem and he should worry about himself instead of sticking his nose in other peoples buissness ie "ADMINISTRATORS" which i believe he isn't(if he is he really shouldnt be one!)! Plus if i place this thread in the other politics room id never get a reply and if i did it wouldnt only ever be from you(WOW! NOT) Im sure that people post there thread here instead of in the other room for a reason so forget it!
Re: Stainless Steel Gundgens?

It's not a huge deal, but I for one care that posts land in the right forum, and I'm sure I speak for the vast majority of readers here.

When people read a forum, they are offering up a valuable commodity: their attention. Making an off-topic post is sort of helping yourself to that attention on false pretenses. Kind of like the junk mail marketers who write "Important notice about your bank account." on the outside of the envelope and then put some bogus life insurance offer on the inside.

Imagine you go to a church service, and the minister asks 'Does anyone have a sick relative at home for whom we should pray?' Various people stand and ask for prayers for various individuals. One guy stands up and says "I've got a 1997 mazda for sale. Please see me if you're interested." Another parisioner says "I can vouch for the car, I've ridden in it many times, but Bob, that's what the bulletin board out in the lobby is for, please don't use the service itself for that sort of announcement." And Bob answers "Who cares whether I post my ad there or announce it here? I tried posting it there and didn't get any responses!" And then goes on to slam as an intrusive busybody the parisioner (who, by the way, was being helpful and offering a constructive response before he criticized the choice of forum).

Or imagine you go to a lecture on art history, and the speaker asks for questions, and Bob stands up and says 'well, I don't have any questions about the lecture, but as long as there is a room full of people, let me talk about how annoyed I am that the town doesn't plow my street."

See the principle at work?
Re: Stainless Steel Gundgens?

There's two rooms. One has a sign on the door saying "Come on in, we're talking about the rules." The other has a sign on the door saying "We don't want to talk about the rules. Come on in and talk about sailng and boathandling and stuff."

It turns out that for whatever reason, hardly anybody is hanging out in the "rules" room. Tom says "I want to talk about rules. Since there's nobody in room #1, I'm going to go into room #2, totally ignore the wishes of the people in there, and try to start a rules conversation anyhow. I'm gonna make my problem (that there's nobody in room #1 with whom I want to talk) into their problem (by interrupting them with a conversation they've said they don't want.) Why? Because my desire to have a rules conversation at this moment is more important than the desire of the people in that room not to have a rules conversation. It's all about me, see!

Although you didn't mean it that way, you can see why that might come across as kind of self centered and disrespectful, don't you?

Simple enough mistake. On the overall cosmic moral scale of the universe, no worse than breaking wind in a crowded elevator. Ya try not to do it, but it happens. Just apologize, laugh it off, and move on. Defending it just makes you look dumb.


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Dear Users:

I appreciate your comments on the site. I hate for it to result in name calling, but as is obvious here, the general feeling I get is that most users like the separate sections hear on the site. I don't see them being combined anytime in the near future, and will continue to move posts to the appropriate forum. Unfortunately, I am the only regular Administrator of this website, (I think Ken Wilson has moved on) so it may take a little time for the post to be moved.

Also, no Shevy is not an official administrator at the site, and has expressed no interest in becoming one. However, he has had a popular laser website of his own ( online for a very long time and has a good idea of what Laser Sailors are looking for online. I appreciate and often seek his advice on many issues regarding this site and lasering in general.

I thank you all for your membership in the forum and welcome any further comments.


Tom, this forum has a set of clearly defined rules, and if you feel like you are above them, you might aswell leave. Instead of creating pointless posts that bash others, why not post something useful?

Oh and Keiran, we all know you and Tom are buddy buddy.


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omfg what the hell is going on here all tom did was put a wrong post up and now he's getting a bashing for it give him a break. loook at how petty this is and tom, u need to stop causing trouble. nwo wjhats this about steel gudgeons?