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Forestay Rigging Options


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I'm not sure if my Mod3 was originally setup for a furling or hank on jib. The mast has only a tang on the front. There was a wire stay swaged onto the tang along with a hardware store pulley attached via carabiner so I'm assuming that was not original. The sails are not original and the jib luff is several inches shorter than specified in the manual. It has both hanks and a wire in the luff. The boat came with a furler which is what I would prefer to use.

Since the jib is smaller than the original, I had West Marine make up a pennant a few inches longer than the one CD offers (and for much cheaper). When I went to test it yesterday, the crimps failed and the sail dropped to the deck. Luckily, I was still holding the mast and was able to lower it without any damage.

I'd already cut off the old wire forestay so I'm starting from scratch. My planned arrangement was Stem Fitting>Furler>Luff Wire>Swivel>Shroud Adjuster>Pennant>Mast Tang but I'm not keen to go back to WM for a new pennant after the first one failed. Since I'm not positive on the length of the pennant, I like the idea of adding a block to the mast tang and using a halyard to tension the luff rather than raising and lowering to adjust the adjuster. Will a rope halyard offer enough resistance to twist for the furler to work or is wire necessary? What are some other options for this setup?