Forestay and shrouds - one more time...

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I believe I have read everything on this site and others related to forestay and shroud lengths. While I have not found an exact "correct" answer I do have an idea as to the lengths I am going to use. What I have not found is how to measure the lengths. Do you measure from the bearing point of the thimbles in the cable or must the length (or some point) of the adjusters be considered?

I am new to the Capri 14.2; graduated from a Feeling 56 so small boat sailing is a new adventure. I have found this forum very helpful. Thanks to all who contribute.
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measure to the center of the thimble
forestay 15'2.25"
shrouds 15'8.75"
Thanks Gene; I agree with your measurements and have placed an order. Should be on the water by the end of the week. It is great to have a forum populated by good folks willing to assist. I purchased 556 a few years back and have not had a chance to sail it. I am just getting around to replacing all standing and running rigging. In the next few days everything will be new and ready to go. I am trying to locate other owners in my area with little luck; one hour south west from Fort Worth Texas.