Force 5 Sailboats...

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Hello all,

would like to start a new thread on the Force 5 Sailboat. Get some discussions on this nifty little boat (very similar to the Laser).

Further, wondering if anyone has any for sale and or parts to sell...

Welcome any discussions...

for some odd reason i have a force 5 daggar board.

its wood, and repaired, but its a good practice board.

if you would like it i have it. and i live in colorado
About the Force 5... I had a chance to borrow one & race it aginst my sons, Matt in a refurbished Sunfish and Ben in a refurbished Chrysler Man O War. The Chysler was slowest of the 3 down wind ( perhaps because this was the 1st race for the boat and Ben was careful testing its limits) The Force 5 was truely in its element beating up wind in a good surf, stable in the tack, pointing well and generally well behaved. The Sunfish was hands down better in a the lighter wind, but as the surf picked up height and Matt being the lightest in the family by a wide margin, the little boat bounced around & stalled repeatedly on back of the waves.

I would be happy to sail the Force 5 again, and will have the opportunity to compare it directly to the Laser we're refurbishing in the garage right now... that should be ready for the water in a week or two :cool:

Bill TGH