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looking for advice...I have never sailed but had interest for a long time. I signed up for sailing lessons, they start in about two weeks.
I started looking at small sailboats. My first thought was a sunfish 14'. I then came across a hobie holder 14' in mint condition, literally.
I really like it but I am not sure if that would be a good starting boat. I want something I can start with comfortably, and be happy with down the road.
I can not find too much info on the hobie's. I am a small sized woman in my 50's.. other suggestions welcomed..
I will be trailering the boat, I live in a bayfront community.. I will eventually join the sailing yacht club.. thanks!!!


For sailing single handed, you want the Sunfish. It's easier to toss around and get out of trouble. A used Sunfish will never loose value, as long as it's stored properly. As a new sailor you should be learning to read the wind and getting you sheeting angles right. Chasing a Jib sheet while sailing single handed isn't bad for a fit person who knows the boat well and I raced my Holder 14 many times single handed, but I still wouldn't recommend it for a first year sailor. Some boats with a Jib will sail OK on just the main, The Holder 14 is not one of them.


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Hi Eddie, Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it very much. You are 100% correct! I visited my local dingy shop and the salesman went over the sunfish
thoroughly with me. He also felt it was a better choice for me. He did agree the hobie holder was a great boat as well. I did look at a new sunfish. He told me they are made with airbags now instead of foam inside the hull, makes it lighter, doesn't hold water etc and easy to turn over, at *125lbs.. they have a sailing instructor there and she does privates..I will go to that monday or tuesday before the other classes start in two weeks...the good thing about buying it from them is you are able to keep it there for the season, no trailer, just a dollie..its right on the bay.. I feel I made a good decision and I am excited to start! Thanks again, you were a huge help! Safe sailing!