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Flying Scot trailer for initial Sunfish transfer

I'm considering a used Sunfish but need to transport it to my club, about 100 miles. Will a Flying Scot trailer work without damaging the boat if I move the bunks in? I'd get a dedicated Sunfish trailer later.

signal charlie

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Yes. Leave the Flying Scot on the trailer with old tires tied to the deck, transport the Sunfish on the tires...

...just kidding, take some pool noodles and duct tape them to the bunks, they'll provide plenty of cushion for your new Sunfish. There should be plenty of weight from just the trailer alone, but if you can you might want to take a few laps around the block to make sure that the Flying Scot trailer is not oversprung and super bouncy. If it is then you might want to rent a 12 foot UHaul utility trailer if you car is rated to tow that.

I wish I had a picture, we once had a gent bring us a Barnett Butterfly on the trailer for his 25 foot speedboat, the trailer didn't even notice it was there. Skipper on the other hand bounced SWEET EMOTION all over the place...