I truly wish you all a safe and prosperous new year. It was decided at the short business meeting at our Christmas party that I would continue on as the Fleet Captain for 2004. I hope that this meets with your approval. I have enjoyed serving in this capacity in the past year and I am looking forward to serving the members of our fleet in the months to come. Please feel free to call me at 858-566-5127 or email me if you have suggestions, comments, and/or concerns about the fleet activities or events. As you will be able to see from the fleet calendar which is posted nearby, we have a busy year in the making.

Our first racing date is for the Winter Series Bay Races on Sunday, January 11, 2004 at noon. As you will see, we have added some addtional racing dates throughout the year and there will be two separate opportunities to learn more about racing tactics, sail handling, etc in the very near future.
1. North Sails Univeristy will hold a classroon didactic session at MBYC on Saturday, 2/07/04 beginning at 0800 hours and lasting most of the day. There is a nominal fee for this course. I will find out more specific details and provide them to you in the weeks to come. Please let me know if you are interested so that I can tell the staff at MBYC how many members we may have in attendance.
2. Capri 14.2 Race Clinic will be held on Saturday, 4/10/04 with a classroom session in the morning and subsequent session on the water with practice starts in the afternoon. This course is free to dues paying members. It has always been a good way to learn more from the best sailors in our midst before the season starts.

It is time, again, to pay the yearly Fleet #2 dues of $15.00. These are separate from the national dues and are necessary in order for us to continue to provide you with the racing and sailing agenda that we have planned for the year. Please mail your check of $15.00 payable to "Capri 14, Fleet #2" to Ruth Jones, 4769 Seda Drive, San Diego, CA, 92124.

The Capri 14.2 Nationals will be at MBYC again this coming September 2004. I am hopeful that we will be able to get even more boats out on the water in both the Gold Fleet and the Silver Fleet.

There has been an unexpected change in our Race Committee (RC) partnership. In the past we have had a reciprocal arrangement with the Lido 14 Fleet. We would cover the RC responsibilities for their big invitational Spring regatta and they, in turn, would cover the RC duties for our Nationals in September of the same year. This year the Lido 14 Fleet unexpectedly decided to establish a reciprocal agreement with the Snipe Fleet. They will not be working our Nationals this year. Ed Jones and I were caught a bit off guard by this move. After speaking with the representatives of the other fleets at MBYC, we have made the best deal that we can by establishing a reciprocal agreement with the Thistle Fleet. The deal is that we will cover the RC duties for the Thistle Midwinter Regatta on Saturday, January 24 and Sunday, January 25, 2004 in Mission Bay. They will then cover the RC duties for the C-14 Nationals in September 2004. Therefore, I will need each and every one of you to help out very soon. Please look over your calendar for this month and let me know as soon as you can how you can help me on 1/24/04 and/or 1/25/04. I will need one chase boat driver, two chase boat crewmen, as well as volunteers on the Barca for Timer, Primary Flags, and Secondary Flags. I have already volunteered to be the the windward markset boat driver for all three days of the regatta (ocean racing is scheduled for Friday, 1/23/04 but they do not expect us to cover that date other than my volunteering to be the Chase 4 driver).

I know that this task falls on a date that is sooner than expected. I know that it is "wintertime" and not the primary sailing season for many members of our fleet. Nevertheless, we need to pull together and make this work well so that we can guarantee that we will have someone to cover the RC duties for our Nationals in September. Please call me at home (858-566-5127) or email me and let me know as soon as possible when you can help out and in what capacity.

The next Fleet Captains Meeting of MBYC is scheduled for Wednesday evening, January 7, 2004. I will attend this meeting and every monthly meeting. I will let you all know of any pertinent details of the meeting that affect the members of Fleet #2 in a future newsletter.

Thank you, in advance, for your help and cooperation. We have a good fleet because we have good members. I will look forward to seeing each of you at MBYC in the very near future.

Brian C. Anderson
Capri 14.2 Fleet Captain
San Diego, California