First post...Bought 1999 Vanguard Sunfish for $300...

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Great I will get a 2 qt kit of 6# foam from JD ...Its funny all the damage the boat had and the foam is like new still glued in and white and dry...I'll tell you a story about foam... I had a sunfish that I had done a lot of work to I sailed it for a year or so ,then I decided to put some foam under the cockpit. I bought some foam called great stuff from the hardware and put it under the cockpit man that stuff was some "great stuff" it worked fine for a while and then the unthinkable happened ??? What might that be? After the foam had been in there for 6 months working fine....It got wet and expanded like a balloon ...really a balloon. The cockpit was pushed up a good 3 inches in the middle Imagine the horror looking at it...well to fix it I had to cut an inspection plate in the middle or the floor and dig out the "great stuff" and put weights in the floor for a few weeks to get it flat again... I guess I could have read the instructions where it says "spray with water to make the foam expand more...Well that was fun.


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No kidding! I never had that problem and I always had water in the hull. I wonder what
I did different. Maybe I didn't use as much foam as you did. I injected it through holes
in the cockpit floor and did not use a lot because I was worried about the problem you
described. When the foam activated it oozed back out the holes in the floor.
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Oh yea I probably used a lot of it...what happened is it had an uncured "bubble "inside the foam and when water got to it it ballooned I use only polyurethane foam made for boats no worries because it fully cures in minutes...and if under the cockpit just expands out around the confined area...

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The foam bonding under the tub is usually in 6-8 very small blobs, about silver dollar size. Their locations can be spotted a lot of times on the bottom of the hull because stress risers form in the gelcoat over those hard spots. So a very small amount of foam is needed, and leave room for it to expand. Less foam means less trapped water. I would make sure to leave plenty of areas for water to flow through in case a leak developed, make sure water can get out to wherever your chosen drain point is. For us we like to use the deck drain or put in a center deck inspection port, lots of access there to take care of backer block issues, daggerboard trunk repairs and sponge out any small leaks.
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Thanks for the compliments. It was a fun project this time because I did it over the winter on my glass porch . And took my time . I have done rushed projects out in the summer sun that seemed not so fun at times . Well I bought the boat for $250 and 50 for the title. It looked as though it only needed minor glass work...well as I found out it was a bit major . But once I started to spend the money on her there was no turning back...It had some shredded glass and I cut it all out and had at least 5 holes in her...I used Total boat epoxy and bi axial fiberglass cloth . I took some very thin balsa wood sheets similar to RC airplane wood and laminated cloth to it and when it was still wet secured it from the inside out with string and screws and let it dry .This gave me a strong structure to work with. I then finished up the holes with cloth till it was level with the outside of the boat . I then used epoxy fairing compound the flatten it out...I primed with epoxy primer and sanded and sanded ...that stuff is hard as a rock so 8 hours power sanding ...then sprayed with Interlux perfection paint . It took almost 2 quarts ... This stuff is poisonous so I used the correct respirator and paint suit and gloves ...I bought a new coaming and most of the new hardware off Ebay and other vendors... I wasn't in a hurry so I found some great deals. I sold the older hardware and sail on Ebay and got 75% of the money to buy all new hardware. All in I spent $1300 on everything with the trailer ... It took 85 hours of work ...There is a sense of accomplishment when its done . I am very happy with her and she looks great...Thanks to you guys on the forum...


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Yeah...i noticed the stripes where gone. I know you can thin and spray Perfection, but you probably know it was designed for roll and tip and gives incredible results. Your job looks stunning.
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Thanks for reminding me...The bottom was rolled and tipped...the best results I had on this one was to add a bit more thinner than the recommended 10% and to use a foam brush from home depot and then to tip with a larger quality brush. I painted at 68 degrees with little humidity...


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Yeah...i noticed the stripes where gone. I know you can thin and spray Perfection, but you probably know it was designed for roll and tip and gives incredible results. Your job looks stunning.
This is high praise, BTW...


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My Dad taught me the basics of sailing and until I got on the Forum that was all I knew. Thanks to the folks here, I have learned a huge amount about sailing and met some great people who's advice has been extremely helpful and may have kept me out of some potentially disastrous situations. Today, I'm going to a boat show in Richmond CA and expect to learn quite a bit there. Also booked a demo ride on an RS 21-should be fun!


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Tell us about the RS-21; I read elsewhere (Sailing Anarchy) that it is a really nice sport boat, but that may have been a bit of an advertisement...