Finding 470 Parts


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Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to sailing and thinking of buying a 470, the problem is that may of the reasonably priced boats I've come across so far are missing parts. In particular I'm looking for a mast and rudder for Vanguard 470 built in the 70's

Do you have any recommendations for places where I can find used parts?

Finding parts is difficult, the 420 parts are not the same.

You can check for stuff, for stuff like, mast, boom, tiller and rudder. The rudder, centerboard and tiller are race standard specific and no one stocks them that I can find..
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Write to Peter Rieck, the Director of the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center at [email protected] or simply call him at (414) 277-9094 to inquire about spare parts. The club decommissioned about 20 boats aged in the 1970s though the late 1980s and they are selling off tons of parts and they are selling at very reasonable prices. They will have everything you'll need (but no complete boats at this point).