Father in Law's old sunfish

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Hi all, now that I have kids, and the space in my garage, my father in law is giving me his old sunfish. its a 1980-ish Howmar phantom variety, and was last on the water in the late 90's. it has been stored outdoors under trees in the Colorado mountains, and the sheets, sail, and plastic components all need to be replaced. pretty well oxidized, but he was the original owner, so I know it doesn't have any repairs or modifications. I'll get pictures next time I'm up there, but what are some big things to make sure are functional and watch out for?

PHANTOM 14 (HOWMAR) sailboat specifications and details on sailboatdata.com

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Don't put any money into it until you verify the rudder and associated fittings are there, in good shape and functional. Many Phantom parts are interchangeable with a Sunfish, but not the rudder. Phantoms were not made for long so parts are hard to come by.
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Thanks. We did go over it, and rudder, dagger board, mast, and all the big parts are there. He even has the old rigging and sails, but those are beyond repair.