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Enough Of A Mast Float?

Gray Young

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I know that this issue has been covered before and I have read the threads that discuss the usage of a mast float on the 14.2. That being said, I don't have the coin for a Baby Bob and have been exploring other options.

I understand that a mast float is not a must have item and I have sailed plenty now without it but I would like to have the peace of mind that comes with not worrying about the mast getting stuck in the mud when I do eventually capsize her.

So, I present a picture for your viewing pleasure here today. The idea came from a previous thread post.

The question that I have is, do you think this would provide enough lift on the end of the mast if I capsize in a reasonable breeze?

I don't mind one float, I don't notice it is there when sailing. I tried two floats together this week and it just seemed to be too much hanging from the mast. The previous comments around being careful with weight on the end of such a long fulcrum were on my mind.

I am a very conservative sailor and do not tend to go out in conditions that are conducive to capsizing. I also keep the main sheet in hand at all times and am always ready to de-power the main if I get a gust. That being said, I know the day is coming where I make a mistake and pay the price.

Any thoughts on if this is enough flotation to prevent a turtle would be appreciated.

One last point. I know that it is incredibly ugly and unbecoming of such a graceful boat but so am I so it is not really what I am concerned about!



Yes. I think it would work in fair conditions. However, the mast being driven down has only happened to me in high winds. So, in those conditions, it may not be enough.


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Check out the anti turtle inflatable float on Intensity. On our junior c420's it is almost impossible to turtle. Without they would turtle almost every time. Light, and can be used only when needed.


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I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone describe the 14.2 as graceful.

Tender, sure. Slow, absolutely........ Graceful??? Never. :p

Nice to see you found an affordable alternative to the overpriced floats on the market. I was lucky and bought my boat with an RS Quest float already installed.

Gray Young

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Thanks to all.

I will always be on the lookout for a way to improve it but it is good to know that this float will help and that as long as I don;t let the wind get too strong it will be good to go.

Winston, yes I have seen where you have shown pics of the RS Quest float that you have. That is a nice set up for sure!