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Electronic Compass


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Hi All, Can anybody please confirm or deny if you are allowed to have an electronic compass strapped to the mast while sailing regatta's? I'm thinking Raymarine/TackTick MicroCompass or Velocitek's version.
I have received different answers on this question and can only see in the class rules it's allowed to mount a compass on the deck so long as the watertight integrity of the hull is maintained. I know the Laser Class allowed it since 2017 or 2018 in the class rules. How about the Sunfish?

beldar boathead

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Sunfish class passed approval permitting the same limited assortment of compasses permitted by the Lasers at the last worlds. But World Sailing has to approve before it goes into effect. I don’t see why they would not approve the rule change, but so far the class hasn’t made any announcement about WS approval.

Fastening it to the mast isn’t legal. But that makes no difference as if your boat is properly rigged for racing there is no room for it between the gooseneck and deck, and the vang would interfere as well. The only place for it to go is on the deck.