Easy access boat storage ?


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Any ideas on creative storage solutions for a boat our size?

I’ve had this mod 1 14.2 for almost 2 years and it has been overwhelming my garage. I am lucky enough to have a 3rd bay in my garage, but with two young kids worth of bikes, hockey nets, other sports equipment, etc. the top of the boat has become a horizontal surface for stuff to “stay for just a while.” It also is difficult to get around to get to all of this stuff.

My suburban locale restricts me from keeping it outside out front, and the steep slope to the walkout backyard is impractical. I have looked into storage lots but anything that is not significantly out of the way would cost more than the value of the boat each year. And I know that to use the boat I need as few excuses and inconveniences as possible. I don’t want to pay to store a boat I will find a way to not use. A boat that is visible and easily available is a boat I will sail in more often. So any external storage need to be close by.

I am about to rig a hoist system to lift it up against the ceiling to free up the floor space and prevent it from being a storage shelf.

I have drawn up plans and done some loading calculations with a significant factor of safety. But before I make holes in the ceiling of my garage, and get to the point of no return, I wanted to see if I was missing an easy/ creative solution.

Criteria are:
- not very expensive (<$500/year),
- within a 30min drive from the house and/or the nearby small lake (15min from house),
- something I can access and retrieve solo.

Any odd type of storage places you think I should call for better pricing? Any better ideas than hoisting it to the ceiling?

Thanks for the group think.
You can check on a neighborhood app or Facebook group for your area for someone with a spot to store it with RV access. Our neighbors have rented out a spot in the past.

There’s those garage ceiling racks that you could put right above the boat, since your boat needs less overhead clearance, to give you more storage in other areas.