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Easter Laser Regatta vs Kung Flu


Super Opinionated and Always Correct
Rather than join in the blanket cancellations at this time, I am taking advantage of the flexibility available to our rather simple and well organized event.
As no one can currently plan anything else on April 11-12 and no one would be driving cross country to attend, we can decide as late as Tuesday April 7 whether to hold the Easter Laser Regatta.
At this time the chances we will hold the event do not look good. We simply may not be allowed to hold such an event but I am hoping for the best. Also, the possibility of “Easter in July” could be a fun way to celebrate the resurrection of the sailing game. The options are limitless. Turnback Easter?? I already have enough trophies for whatever “Easter” regatta we might decide to hold.

Summary, I see no reason to make the call until April 7. I fully intend to put together a fun Easter regatta sometime in 2020.