Earth 1.0

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On this past hours ...,
personally my (and sure, all over the globe: many-many more) thoughts

have been

to our real friends



Great, fearless sailors they all are!!


beside of all the snow, waves and wind (remember to the unbeatable "Crazy Norwegian" Laserites Videos ):

What helps against: "Reality of Earth 1.0" ...

I guess, I say it in the name of ALL Sunfish- and Laser Dinghy Sailors:
We mourn with you and all of your families!

I am mouring with you, friends!

No more words.

LooserLu (from Germany)
Laser (Std/Rad) Ger 174096
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It's now about 1 week ago, that terrible attack happened at Norway.

If you want to share your feelings with Norway, you may do it like I did: Participate the

Virtual Human Chain for Utoya+Olso, Norway

„Hold Together - Take Your Hands“ that’s the headline of the project at the link below. It is a campaign at the Norwegian newspaper “VG”. There everyone is able to participate to a virtual human chain and in this way online publishes public, but silent her or his protest against violence and intolerance. Over a million already have done this. People of all over the world, which like to say: We mourn for the victims, stay with their families and don’t let us provoke against each other by this brutal attack.

The banner shows, from where the participants come from. Behind the thumbnails one find the name, the age and the residence of the participants. So, it is a bit less anonymous. Everyone is invited to join to participate to the long virtual human chain. The idea to this came from a lady reader of the VG-newspaper and already is a great success. The sympathy online to think of the victims is intensive, on different websites, too.

Here is the link (in English):