Question E-Z Load trailer VIN # Placement??


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I just bought a Capri 14.2 mounted on an E-Z Load trailer. The boat is in great shape, the trailer not so much. During disassembly I was looking high and low for the VIN # with no joy. Anybody know where it's suppose to be??
According to Google VIN's supposed to be on a silver sticker at the front of the trailer on the inside of the rail on the passenger side. A decal is also placed on the bottom of the tongue of the trailer.
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I contacted Catalina and their tech support said the same. But no joy. Sticker is long gone and they ( by law) cannot supply a new one. Even if the sticker was there, the ink fades away! I do have the state title so I ended up stamping the frame in a couple of places. Thanks for your reply.