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Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
I have an Alcort class approved sail (interestingly, label says Made in Canada)
I’ve just attached it to a set of spars but I can’t seem to get the right fit. The foot of the sail droops over most of the length of the boom. I can’t seem to make the sail any more taut.
My only thought is in rotating the eye of the end caps where the sail ties are, but am I missing something here? They have been positioned that way for many years and I’m hesitant to start prying them loose. Is there a proper rotation for the boom cap with eye?
I am also using a quick release on the gooseneck for the first time but that shouldn’t effect anything.
Any thoughts would be helpful. I’ll head out to play with it a bit more!


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beldar boathead

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Fogh Sails made the class appproved Sunfish sails for a number of years starting around 1980 or so.

Is this sail newer than ones you are used to? This “droop” started when Fogh redesigned the sail. Racing sails still do this, but I’m not familiar with the cut of current recreational sails. The droop is good as the sail has more shape than older, flatter sails and thus more power. I wouldn’t stretch the sail along the boom - just get the outhaul snug.

That is a nice , classic color combo!

Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
Wow, that is very interesting information, Beldar. I’m so glad I asked! I would have manipulated every part of the rig to make that sail fit, not knowing that a droopy sail was the new look with kids today! You’re right, I’m used to the older sails with the flat cut and never even thought about the benefits to the slight overhang.
Thanks, BB!

signal charlie

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Feel free to send that ugly Riviera sail to us!

Breeze Bender that luff and foot have extra draft to give the sail more shape. The seams may be broadseamed a bit to give the sail more cup and the leech curved in, in the photo below that is why the sail does not lay flat. The foot is droopy to account for spar bend. The sail may also have the better spur grommets. The "Riviera" came out around 1984, beautiful sail, our favorite.


Here is a Fogh sail, he merged with North Loft in Canada.


See the boom bend? Your sail is cut to account for that.


More info on sail cut


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So. It turns out I have one of these in mint condition. It is all white. Never sailed. It has no window, but I am trying to determine can I race with it or are the newer racing sails cut differently that I will be severely disadvantaged?