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I got the DrLaser username/password pair from James Appel the other day, but I still can't get in to the protected DrLaser articles with it. Shevy I guess has been out sailing for a few days because he's usually very quick to answer e-mail and I haven't heard from him. Is there some problem with North American access to DrLaser that anybody knows of??



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I haven't heard from Shevy (drLaser.org Owner) in a while and I usually have regular emails to/from him. I have not been able to log in to the site either. I know he just got married (over the summer) and is not living in the US, but that is about it.
Hi, I only want to say, that I´ve also no entrance to dlLaser-Website-ILCA-member-area since about 3 weeks. I´ve the official Usr-names+Password from my country and this worked in the past without problems. But now they are not accepted there, its a riddle.
Today I send an email to our national ILCA-secretary and ask him about this problem. When I get an answer I let you know here.
"...When I get an answer I let you know here..."
Now I can log in to drLaser-Webside-ILCA-area again. Yes, Shevy is alive:) :) But it seems, that is is not only very busy - he is very-very-very busy in the moment. We have to accept this and I think he sure returns, if he has more time for us than now.:)
bye bye
I signed on to make sure everything is cool. Good.

Sorry for the absence. And for the (host machine change caused) recent access problems. All corrected now.

Too busy with sailing and everything else. But my heart is here with you. Will be back soon.