drain plug replacement


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Hello all. I recently bought an older sunfish and have to replace a missing drain plug on the port side deck. The starboard side is a screw and is functional. I have a 3/8" brass plug which will temporarily do the job as but I want to buy a plug that fits properly. Are such parts available? If so, from where? Thanks.
Funny, today I just bought a plug for my Phantom. Got one at my hardwhere store. You push the plug in then pull down a lever to secure it tight in the hole. I figured I wouldn't be able to find a real Phantom plug. This ones seems like it will do the job. (I used a rubber wine cork on my last trip out -big mistake.)
All of the replacement Sunfish parts are available at mail order/internet places like Annapolis Performance Sailing or Layline. The replacement plug is plastic (I think it is part no. V13500, Holt Allen Plug, gray, complete $4.00 at APS). Should be pretty easy to install.

im pretty shure you can still buy the mettal ones too if you dont want to change from the older design. not shure if the threads match though i dont think they do. ill look for them on aps i think i saw them there