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I just watched 'DRAGONSLAYER' on the 65" curved screen, and that 1981 film was very entertaining... I hadn't seen it in years, so it was refreshing as pure entertainment, no political propaganda like that found in modern movies. I remember this film as the first flick I ever saw which showcased a dragon in medieval times... sure, earlier films had cheesy reptiles & fake-@$$ monsters which resembled dragons, but in this movie you had a bonafide, gen-yoo-wine medieval dragon wreaking havoc & tearing up the countryside, lol. The scenery was magnificent too, with the movie filmed on location in North Wales & the Island of Skye... probably during the more pleasant months when weather wasn't a factor. Some of the special effects were cheesy by modern standards, but they were pretty good for that time, ya know? Great flick, I give it two thumbs up for providing pure entertainment, no political propaganda involved, lol. Now y'all know why I like the older films, they were made solely for entertainment, no ulterior motives or political agendas. Thank God for the old Westerns, those also contain magnificent scenery... BTW, I found 'DRAGONSLAYER' on Pluto TV, one of the free channels on my Roku Streaming Stick. There were ads, but I just muted those and had a slash, or made another beer run to the fridge, lol. Probably TMI, but you'll get over it, aye? CHEERS!!! :rolleyes: