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Do you protect the sides of your boat from the sun?


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My 14.2 sits in the sun all day long. Should I worry about the sun damaging the sides of the boat or the gel coat?
It has a cover on the top, but the rest is wide open.

I did find this bottom cover at SLO Sail & Canvas for $216, but it requires that you hoist the boat into the air to install it. I have no way of doing that.

It would be great if someone made a cover that went just down to the bunk-boards on the trailer, so it could be installed without lifting the boat, but since I don't have access to a crane, would waxing the sides of the boat be a good idea?

Almost none of the other boats in the yard have their bottoms covered.



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I've never really been diligent about covering my 14.2. A tarp over the mast after transporting it is about all I've done.