Do these Kittyhawk trailer wheel ball bearings look okay or do they need repacked ball bearings?


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Hello all,
I had the ball bearings packed on my kitty hawk four years ago. (the kitty hawk trailer's age is 2005). Since then, the trailer wheels has only been dumped in water couple times over the years because I use a dolly to bring the Laser into the water. If I remember correctly, there used to be red rubber caps when the ball bearings were repacked because the service guy at the time bought a red rubber component that attached on the wheel center. But somewhere down the road in the last four years, they must've came off without me noticing it...
My question is, the wheel centers seem to look black (grungy). I'm guessing that it's not supposed to look that way if the trailer is in good condition? Question, do the wheel ball bearings need to be repacked again? And if so, is there somewhere in Southern California that provides this service? I'm looking to take the trailer on a long camping trip route into Oregon this summer a would like to prep the kitty hawk trailer. Thank you for your feedback


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There is only one way to be sure. Take them apart.

If the grease looks well packed and NO brown grease you are likely ok.

The reality if you understand what you need to do, just take them apart and repack them. You will need to buy new seals.

It is important that you also do not over tighten them. Slightly loose is better then slighly tight as a too tight bearing will fail quick, too loose will go a long time. (that is also Timkin bearing advice)
I bring my trailer to a trailer shop for an annual checkup, including the bearings; mostly because my trailer wheels hit the water regularly when I launch from a ramp.

Better be safe than sorry!