Dismasting Mistake


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New to sailing and to the forum.

I've searched this forum and others for some insight but here are my questions.

I was launching my boat at a local lake and had to step the mast well back from the boat ramp. I remembered to look for powerlines, but did not consider overhanging tree branches. Of course, a tree branch snagged my mast and brought it down. The good news is the boat has a harken roller furling jib, and we use the jib halyard running through the block as the forestay (for better or worse). So the failure points were the block (wheel cracked) and the halyard broke. The damage to the mast appears to be minimal and we have been sailing a few times since then. The boom got bound up inside the cockpit and popped free of the slot in the mast causing a slightly widened section and a small piece that sheered. We were able to tighten up the sections that were widened and sail with the boom above the damaged area. Luckily no visible damage to the mast foot. We replaced the jib halyard with double braid dyneema and the block with a 2000 lb block.

My concerns are mainly around unseen damage in the mast that would be a failure point in the future. I've read where a few 14.2 masts have snapped suddenly at the spreaders, or rivets pulling out from the attachment point for the forestay. Again, the only obvious damage the mast took was the where the boom came free.

I have the opportunity to get a complete rigging set (mast, boom, shrouds, roller furling, sails etc) for a really decent price, however it is off a 2012. Our boat is a 1988 mod1.

Would these be compatible with my boat? Not sure if its selden rig or not.

If you were in my position, would you worry about sudden failure?

It looks like you'll need a retrofit kit to mount a newer boom onto an older mast. I would call Catalina Direct and confirm.
https : // www . catalinadirect.com/shop-by-boat/capri-18/rigging/standing-rigging/spars-and-fittings/boom-retrofit-kito-14-cp-142-cp-18-c-22/?SearchResults=1

Edit: Just read your post more carefully... Since you have a complete set, the only concern is whether the shrouds, forestay are the same length, i.e. whether the mounts are in the same places on the deck. Call Catalina Direct, they're really helpful.