Dismasted Capri 14.2 outboard size

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I've got an old 1985 Capri 14.2 that my dad dismasted about 15 years ago, and it's been sitting in a lot ever since. This past easter, I went up to where it was and got all the lichens and live oak dust off of it with a power washer. It cleaned up really nice. I am planning to turn her into a Shallow water runabout type thing that I can fish out of. I still need to take the centerboard out and glass in that hole, sand and paint it, fix the cuddy hatch and lots of other things. I'm looking for the highest HP I can get on the back without breaking anything. My dad has a 6 horse Tohatsu that he uses with his Spindrift 22 and it gets him up to about 5 knots and I don't know if 6 horses is enough. I'm wanting to be able to outrun a storm that may happen to form in the bay, but as I said I don't want to break the transom off. What HP should I go with?
I've since sold my 14.2 and now have a West Wight Potter 15. The Potter weighs more than the 14.2 and I use a 2.5 hp Suzuki on it. I would expect 6 hp would move it fairly well...
Sounds like an interesting project. I'd think about keeping the centerboard (CB) even if you never intend on sailing the boat again. The smooth, strake-less hull design relies on the CB to keep the boat running straight. I can tell you that on my Capri, if I'm using the motor alone, and the CB is not at least partially down, it's like driving a dump truck on solid ice. Very slow to respond to turning from the motor or tiller. But when the CB is deployed, steering is much more responsive. You can always retract the CB if you're in shallow or stumpy waters for fishing, but still have it there if you need to outrun a storm. I'm certain you'll be thankful for having a CB if you're caught in an approaching storm front's heavy winds, because without a CB that wind will easily push your boat in the wrong direction.