Did y'all miss me?

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Those of you who missed me, report to the nearest range for additional firearms training, lol... :rolleyes:

Still alive & kicking in Redneck Land, though I recently considered moving elsewhere... but the show ain't over yet here in scenic Cochise County, Arizona. :cool:

Might have a line on another gubmint job with full benefits, and THAT would get me out to the coast in Dago for some sailing vacay... :)

Otherwise, I'm riding out the fraudulent storm, thankful to be in a good area as far as the fraud goes, lol... :confused:

I see some of the old school hands are still here, offering advice to those who need it... always a beneficial thing, building good karma in these rather hectic times. :D

Y'all hang loose, I'm about to fire up the ol' BBQ and grill some yardbird on St. Paddy's Day... Irish chickens, of course, heller drunk and fightin' mad, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :eek:


And I only got banned from half a dozen websites in the interim, lol... ;)

But home is where the heart is, and sailing will always be my first love... :rolleyes:

Alcohol a close second, but alcohol is more like my jealous mistress, AYE? :eek:

Meh, beer and sailing go together... rum too, but that's another story, and nautical performance tends to suffer after too much rum, lol. :(

Anyway, it's another BEE-YOO-TI-FUL DAY here in scenic southeastern Arizona, gonna hit the 70s again today... :cool:

Still had ice in the birdbath this morning, these winter nights have been cold... big heating bills since mid-November, thanks to the gas furnace. :mad:

I miss the primo wood stove I had in Show Low, that thing cranked out the heat... temp inside the house would reach 90 degrees, lol. :confused:

Kinda funny to have snow on the ground outside, yet I'd wear baggy board shorts and a tank top indoors to beat the heat, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :)

Well, I gotta go buy some more bird food at WallyWorld, the wild birds have really been hitting the feeders hard this winter... :rolleyes:

Meh, they're nice to have around, they add color and their songs are cool... lately, I've seen & heard Gila Woodpeckers along with the usual Ladderbacks. :cool:

Heaps of Northern Cardinals too, those are good for a splash of color in the Palo Verde trees, the Mesquites & the Ocotillos... gotta love the high desert! :D

I'm off to make my store run, but never fear... I'll be back like a bad rash to plague y'all later, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn... sometimes I slay myself. ;)

P.S. Here's a bonus shot of Tiger & Crackhead sharing the water bowl I keep on one corner of the dual stainless steel sink in the kitchen... CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

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Saw this bad@$$ rig downtown... looks like a Pinzgauer, might be some superior make & model. If it's a Pinzgauer, it's the raddest one I've ever seen, right down to the primo tinted windows, lol. There's actually a young guy sitting in the driver's seat, hard to tell with the dark tint... makes me wonder how he could afford this rig, I know they ain't cheap. Meh, who knows? Rock star? Tech genius? Rancher's son? Trust fund baby? Some of these big ranches, the owners can afford some nice toys, aye? And this being Arizona, with its world-class offroading venues and challenging high desert & mountain trails, we see heaps of bad@$$ offroad rigs: lifted trucks, sand rails, side-by-sides (very popular here), heller dirt bikes & quads, the whole nine yards. But this rig right here is the perfect Stronghold & Dragoons adventure rig, it could tackle anything out there, along with all the other nearby mountain ranges and their numerous offroad trails, BLM & USFS roads, etc. Round here, BLM still means Bureau of Land Management, lol... check out this bad boy, it gets ol' Cactus Cowboy's nod of approval, 10-4? :cool:




Now THAT'S what I call a BAD@$$ RV, LOL... no 'WINNEBAGO WARRIOR' here!!! Cue the DEAD KENNEDYS tune!!! LOL!!! :eek: