Did they use Zamac / Zamak metal on cast Sunfish Parts?


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Hello, wondering if it is known if the rudder heads, cleats, and bow handles were Zamac or Zamak in the 1970's-1980's.
I know that some manufacturers made a point to advertise it.
I was sent some interesting information on Zamac and looking at my 1980's rudder head, I do not think it is aluminum sand cast but Zamac die cast.
The Sunfish bow handle is definitely cast zinc (Cast Zamak--then chromed). The bow handle of the Porpoise II (a clone) was likely chromed bronze. I'll have to check tomorrow the nature of the halyard cleat. I think it's natural bronze.

I've been around Sunfish rudder heads long enough to never suspect they were anything but aluminum.

Zamak castings show little circles where molten zinc is poured into the molds. Zinc, though easily fatigued, is a very plentiful--and cheap--metal!

I've seen studies where Zinc, Zamak, and Zamac were used interchangeably in the same paragraph!

Inexpensive firearms are also made of Zamak. (Davis, of California, comes to mind). I've got three "chop" saws whose beds are made entirely of Zinc/Zamak.
Thanks. The gent who sent me the info told me to do a basic volume to weight study and see what that is. I had already drew it up in CAD so I have a volume estimate. I weighed it and got .873lb, much closer to the .74lb theoretical for aluminum versus the 1.8lb for Zamak 3 or 5.

VOL(est)weight lb
weight g
aluminum 356​
2.66 g/cm3​
0.0985 lb/in3​
7.5 in^3​
zamak 3/5​
6.6 g/cm3​
0.24 lb/in3​
7.5 in^3​