Deck softening

Hi all. It's been another great sailing season here on Long Island.

My 1984 boats' deck has just started to show signs of softening in the rear starboard side of the cockpit area. I am not feeling the same softening (yet) on the entire port side or the forward area of the starboard side. The rest of the boat seems fine. I am assuming this would be considered normal wear for a boat of this age, in the seating area.

So my question is what should I do at this point? Must this be corrected asap?I would think this area will continue to soften. I know nothing about boat repair so I would take it to an excellent local shop for any work to be done.

I would appreciate any thoughts on how to proceed would be appreciated.

I only sail recreationally in a harbor area.

Thank you for the replies.

So I am willing to move on as you both suggest, however I am wonderinif what is actually the deck structure failing? What is causing this?

I had thought that deck softening was possibly caused by water in the hull? My boat is perfectly dry and never takes on water. Just curious....
I see some cracks in your earlier posts, separating hulls. Now it's to late to do repair the easy way. But since you already have hatches, you can close some and make new in the area of delamination and do some extra support underneath. According to the rules, you can have 3x hatches.
Not true. The number of inspection ports isn’t limited.
As for the location, they can be anywhere on the deck or in the cockpit.

I see there are no limits now.


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