Deck mounts for traveler


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Both of the screws holding one of the traveler attachment loops to the deck of my Sunfish snapped when a well-intentioned friend was helping me to move my boat. When I examined the remnants of the screws, their threads appeared to have the shallow angles characteristic of screws that would have nuts on their other end, as opposed to a self-tapping type of screw. Obviously, there's no way I can get underneath and learn the answer to this dilemma. The real question, of course, is how to reattach the loop to the deck. Should I simply drill out the remants of the old screws, get some stainless self-tapping screws, add some 5200 adhesive, and hope for the best? Any notes on previous experiences would be appreciated.
It would appear your boat is fairly new. Older boats had a wood block to back up attacment points and used wood screws. Newer boat allegedly have aluminum backing plates. As I only have experiance on older boats, I would contact someone like Daniel at Wind Line Sails ( and see ahat he says. I had installed a 5" port in front of the rudder to install the rudder upgrade. Since the wood screws were loose and I had the port, I used a sheet rock saw to cut out the foam block to get to the wood blocks on either side, kind of wedge shape chunk. I then re-installed the eye loops for the traveler with #10 stainless marine Oval head bolts, stainless fender washes under the wood, stainless ny-lock nuts and a dab of 3M 4200 sealant. I re-secured the cut out pieces of foam with some expanding foam (like Great Stuff) in a can. Nothing has moved in a year or so since I made the repair. Again check with Daniel first.