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What is behind the seats? I crawled into the hatch and tried to look back under the seats, but all I can see if beaded foam. Do you have something else behind the seats in your boat? Are there bulkheads or floation, other than the foam, that I should worry about?
I was looking at the post for access ports, and have a concern. The deck is load bearing for the mast. I have a concern about cutting a hole in this structure. I have no problem with the seats access ports.
I made a mast crutch from 2 pieces of thin 3/8 marine plywood and some 1 by 3 lumber.

I wanted it to support a tarp for storage, able to travel, assist with raising the mast, easy to install and remove and very few loose parts.

It seems to meet all of the above.

To install it I slip it over the rub rail and insert the All thread through the gudgeons.

What you can't see is that the plywood on the inside runs to the floor with a cutout for the hiking strap that adds side to side stability.

The picture does not show bungee cords that I run from the ends of the traveller line to reduce side to side movement when travelling.


Great stuff. What the solution for the mast up forward if you don't have a trailer extension. Also, where do you put the boom.

One last question, anyone have "el cheapo" boat cover solution with a draw string. I can't bring myself to spend nearly $400 on a "beanbag" coat cover. I am sure they're great, I just can't do it. I'm too cheap.
There is this...

(I doubt this would be the best option for the Capri, since only two of four suction cups would work.)

Ahoy Captain:

...or you can get a mast stand, as seen on the front of my trailer, such as the one below.

Castle Craft:


Nickels Boats: (The stand list here doesn't have a picture or specs - just a price.) for the boom, it stays in the bottom of my boat (wrapped for protection and tied down), or in the back of my truck (only to and from the lake).
Someone on this forum recommended a Wal-Mart cover about 18 months ago. I bought one and it's worked fine. No drawstring, just tie-downs to the trailer. Size "A" fits a C14.2 and costs about $49.
Mast/Boom Support

Originally posted by Dave Lilley
For folks who don't want to play with wood or PVC, here is another option.

Ahoy Captain:

I bought the 33 inch one for $35 plus $8 shipping. It works great both for trailering and to hold the boom up when I am dock side.

The boom does not quite reach but you can loop the main sheet over it and it supports the boom fine. It is exactly the right height.

It also helps support the mast when you lower it. No need for a helper while you un-pin the mast from the tabernacle.


Works great

I bought the 16" one. Works great too. Might have bought the 33" one to have a bigger slope for the snow to fall off the cover.

BTW, heard that "Barkeepers Friend" works great to great of scunge on the water line. Same active ingredient that West Marine sells in the little blue can that is so expensive.

Thanks again,

That ladder

I'm so glad someone is dealing with the ladder issue. Until summer of 04 I went without one. Then one day I capsized my C14 twice in 10 minutes next to the slip. Don't ask. That's when I realized I needed a ladder to get back aboard once I righted her. This summer I went back to Mission Bay with a discreet orange rope ladder resting on the deck just inside the transom. No, I do not know what would happen if I actually tried to use it, but it gives me confidence to know it's there.
About a boom support.......

I just wanted to tell you about an alternative to a boom support, just incase you havn't heard about it. It's a little gadget called a "Boomkicker". It is two fiberglass rods that are attached to a bracket and a sling made out of nylon webbing. this all attaches to the mast and is easily and entirely removeable. I have one on my 14.2 and it is wonderfull. You can find the boomkicker easily by just typing in a search for "boomkicker". They have several models for boats up to over 32 foot, but the smallest one is perfect for a 14.2 daysailer.

Paul Austin
Capri 14.2 mod 2
Hull # 4309
Step Ladder

We just bought a ladder swim stirrup through West Marine. We have not received it yet so I have no report. This is after my wife observed my 215 lb whale body climbing into the boat using the suggested rope stirrup. It was kind of get even with the transom and belly my way in. Not a pretty picture. The WM catalog number is 142218. It is like the boat stirrup one picture in the posting with the single step. it will not be offset from the stern.

Aft mast stand lateral support?

Just added a front mast stand to my trailer and put a 16" aft mast stand like shown earlier in this thread where my rudder goes for safer trailering. But I'm curious now that I installed the aft mast stand (simply sliding the pins in) as to how you keep the mast from swaying side to side down the road as the pins can still rotate in their holes. Will tying down the mast to the trailer solve this problem? Anyone have ideas? I thought the aft mast stand would be intuitive but I guess it's not as easy as I thought.
I don't seem to have any sway problems. I use a bungee cord to hold the mast tight to the aft support, and my aft support has a V in it at the top that the masts rests it. It will not rotate in the pins if the bungee cord is in place.

I do, however, use a line in the middle of the mast. I connect one end to a jib cleat, wrap the line twice around the mast, and then to the other jib cleat. I only use enough tension in this line to prevent the mast from jumping around too much in the center (it's a long way between the two mast supports).
Like the idea about tying the mast down in the middle to the jib cleats - I'll definitely add that. Just curious if anyone's aft mast stand bounces up and down while trailering since it's really only held down by gravity. Unless I'm misunderstanding Paul... I thought it sounded like you just bungee corded to the "plug-and-play" V-support not to the "hard-mounted" rudder pin holes. Maybe if I tie the mast down to the V-support a little better it will inherently cure any sideways sway.