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A quick recommendation: after watching 'CUSTER OF THE WEST' yesterday evening, I let the Roku Streaming Stick select my next flick, and it threw out 'BLOOD ON THE ARROW'---which had some PRIMO Arizona scenery in it!!! I mean spectacular scenery... that's why I watch these old Westerns, for the scenery and for the climbing venues, LOL. Many of the old Hollywood Westerns made in the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine, CA, showcase routes and boulder problems I've done in the past, alone or with friends. It's kinda weird, watching an old Western and seeing some classic route you've climbed: "HEY, I'VE DONE THAT ROUTE!!!" :rolleyes:

Yeah, that scenery sure was nice in 'BLOOD ON THE ARROW'---the plot was okay too, though I was really paying more attention to the scenery, LOL. Sad reality with some of these Westerns: where there was once nothing but magnificent landscapes, now there's mile after mile of ugly tract housing, punctuated by the occasional Walmart SuperCenter, PFFFFFFT. Watching these old Westerns is like going back in time to a better era, aye? Anyway, I'm tired of beer, so I'm having some cheap white wine... chilled Moscato, but in true Western fashion I call it 'Skeeter.' WTF, I'm not much of a wino, but this stuff tastes alright and I can choke it down, especially on a hot & somewhat humid day. :cool:

P.S. Another reason why I like watching old Westerns is for the occasional... er... technical inaccuracy. For example, watching a Civil War era flick and seeing some hand with a '73 Winchester, LOL. Time travel exists!!! Or seeing some plane contrail in the sky during the Western action... last night in 'BLOOD ON THE ARROW' I saw some "modern" utility lines, they were stretched over the dirt road during a chase scene, LOL. I suppose the filmmakers left 'em in because clueless viewers would think they were telegraph wires... but they looked like modern utility poles & wires to me, don'tcha know? Reminds me of my friend JR, now deceased... whenever I pointed out one of these technical inaccuracies, he'd say, "YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO NOTICE THAT!!!" ;)
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Warming up again, but I have good news... I did indeed receive a call from what may be my next employer, one more hurdle to clear on Monday, then I knock out the drug screen and hopefully get back to work. Hallelujah!!! :rolleyes:

These past few months have been difficult, trying to find a decent job at the worst possible time, but my troubles may soon be over, and I'm looking forward to happier days. I really like living here in scenic southeastern Arizona, don't wanna relocate if I can hang on and persevere. :confused:

This state has been good to me overall, ever since I moved here 3-1/2 years ago... almost like the cosmos is looking out for me. I know I couldn't do as well in Kalifornia, no way I could own a home free & clear out there on the coast. And my view is awesome too, I love the Dragoons & Cochise Stronghold!!! :)

I get back on track, I can still go on sailing vacations in Dago, as I planned to do before that last job went south for all the wrong reasons... meh, I was in the right, and I'm not one to beg or crawl, so to heck with it, time to move forward again. :D

Anyway, I'm having a quiet morning, reflecting upon these things I mentioned. The birds are going off at the feeders, I really like the wildlife here in this scenic corner of Arizona. Colorful birds in my yard, quail & rabbits on the street, a horned lizard which recently took up residence near my driveway... :oops:

Last night I found Phoenix & Tiger toying with a small snake on the east side slab or patio after dark... they hadn't hurt the snake yet, so I rescued it and tossed it over the fence into some iceplant & brush, where the critter could find some cover. ;)

Looked like a young Coachwhip, a classic Western name for a nonvenomous snake that is long and slender... looks very much like a whip used by stagecoach drivers back in the day. This youngster was barely a foot long, so I scooped him up in the local rag and gave him a lift to safety. :rolleyes:


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Boy, we had a big ol' lightning storm last night, the show kicked off as it grew dark and violent gusts accompanied the storm. I caught a few pics of the inbound storm prior to all the action, but truth be told, I didn't wanna go outside under a metal awning to take pics of the lightning once the show began! It was crazy, the wind howlin' and the lightning a-flashin'... lighting up my darkened home and yard in classic horror movie fashion, LOL. :confused:

Made me think of that werewolf flick I watched the other day, and the cats weren't too comfortable either with the thunder rolling and the lightning flashing... not to mention the powerful gusts which stress-tested the awnings and home, yeah? Oh, well, we survived, but that was a fast-moving monsoonal storm, lemme tell ya, weather here is very dynamic due to the influence of the high desert and all these mountain ranges. Anyway, here's the storm as it moved into our area... :rolleyes:


Pretty crazy, aye? I know it's hard to see in that last photo, but that's one end of a rainbow between the vegetation... not long after that shot was taken, the sky grew dark and the lightning started crashing, it was pretty intense. I tried taking a shot or two of lightning flashes, but there's a delay with the camera shutter so it's hard to catch things like lightning, fireworks, etc. Oh, well, at least you can see the inbound storm, before things got wild & crazy, LOL... :eek:

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Had my second interview this morning and it went well, so I reckon I'll be going back to work soon... next Monday, to be precise, gotta knock out a drug screen first, which is not an issue, beer is my only vice, LOL. Well, an occasional shot or mixed drink too, but mostly beer. :rolleyes:

Snapped a few pics on my way down to the historic mining town of Bisbee, pardon the glare & bugs on the windshield... and note "rush-hour traffic" on Old Hwy. 80, LOL. Those first pics are of Tombstone Canyon---miles from Tombstone, but used as a corridor to reach that burg from Bisbee. :confused:

That big-@$$ hole in the ground is the historic Copper Queen Mine, or part of it... the pic doesn't do the mine justice, the actual hole runs along that canyon for a bit, and there's more excavation in a different direction too. One of these days I'll drive down there and take the mine tour, check out Bisbee while I'm at it... ;)

On the way back through Tombstone and St. David, I saw some classic VW yard decor... "STUCK MUCH?" Gotta love living in Redneck Land, it's the freakin' bomb. I bet you could haul that car out of the dirt and make a Baja Bug out of her... bust out the power washer!!! LOL. :eek:

Alright, heroes, I'm off to read a Western, I picked up a few more books at the library once I returned to Benson. I'm in the mood to read a book this afternoon, just had a pelting monsoonal rainstorm but the weather has calmed down, so it's all good. CHEERS!!! :cool:



I saw two dozen buzzards wheeling overhead on my way through the canyon, but I failed to catch them when I blindly held the camera out and snapped a pic upward through the windshield... meh, you can see a few of 'em to the upper right in that photo. Classic Western Buzzards... they'll be comin' for ya if your vehicle breaks down, LOL. :eek:

BTW, Tombstone lies at an elevation above 4500', while Bisbee is up over 5500'... I don't recall the exact figures, but those are ballpark elevations. :rolleyes:
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Another warm day ahead... I gotta run back to the store because I forgot aluminum foil & canned cat food yesterday, pfffffft. If I don't get that cat food, there'll be a prison riot, LOL. :eek:

Had a good buzz yesterday, not totally hammered but feeling no pain, aye? Watched 'LEGENDS OF THE FALL' on the 65" curved screen and macked a delicious spicy-hot homemade chicken burrito plate... that eventually put me to sleep, LOL. :rolleyes:

That movie has some primo scenery in it, that view of the river from the hills above was incredible! Montana has a lot going for it, but those winters can get fierce... I remember driving through all that ice & snow, LOL. :confused:

Oh, well, guess I'd better get cleaned up and make tracks to the store, gotta remember to make a list at my age, since I suffer from CRS. On the plus side, this Celestial Seasonings 'Bengal Spice' herbal tea I picked up yesterday is pretty darned good!!! Has a tiger on the box too, so the cats also approve, LOL. ;)

Like a bad rash, I'll be back later to plague y'all... what would I do without this website? And where else can I palaver with a bunch of crazy fools... er, I mean this wonderful nautical family, LOL. So look for me on the rebound, because as Ah-nold the Terminator says, "I'LL BE BACK!!!" :cool:

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Before I left to go to the store, I heard some noise atop the metal awning on the east side of my house... didn't sound like a cat or any of the usual songbirds, so I walked out to take a look... and there was a big ol' roadrunner cruising along the awning, LOL. Just the sort of thing which makes living in Arizona so cool... no sign of Wile E. Coyote, the timing wasn't right. But I dig roadrunners, they are omens of good luck for me, same as hummingbirds and dolphins. The dolphin omen may actually have some credence with regard to small craft sailors: when you see dolphins close by, there is less likelihood of a hungry 2-ton Great White being in the area, LOL. :eek:

Over the years, I enjoyed some cool dolphin sightings, with dolphins leaping out of the water and arcing through the sky 6' above the surface. Those critters can jump when they put some effort into it. I recall walking along the southern half of the Silver Strand one morning, on the ocean side, and there was a sizable swell running... while watching some dolphins surfing a wave, one dolphin literally exploded out of a 10' face and flew about 15' or 20' out in front of the wave, landing with a splash. It was amazing! I think that critter must have gotten a running start behind the wave, to explode from the face with such force... I've never seen any other dolphin duplicate that long jump. :rolleyes:

Seal & sea lion sightings are cool too... during one voyage, a friendly sea lion accompanied me halfway up the channel on my way home, just cruising along on my starboard quarter. Of course, the snacks I tossed his way probably helped, LOL, but I've always gotten along just fine with critters at sea... had to tack away from a gray whale one time when it surfaced directly ahead of me. Scared the bejesus out of me and my friend, but after quickly tacking away we felt privileged to see that magnificent creature at such close range. It was during the annual migration, and the whale was heading north off Pt. Loma... I was originally on the starboard tack, but the whale assumed the right of way under the obscure "Law of Gross Tonnage." ;)

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We catch a break today here in Cochise County... temp is only supposed to hit the mid-to-upper 90s, LOL. :rolleyes:

Watched 'BROKEN TRAIL' last night on the curved screen, that flick sure has some nice scenery in it... the rivers & mountains are so beautiful! :cool:

I saw that flick before, but watching it on the curved screen in my home theater just brings out more details... ;)

Audio is better too with the soundbar and subwoofer, LOL. :eek:

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Well, I received the bad news yesterday afternoon, the county went ahead and hired someone else, despite calling me in for a second interview... I don't know why they wasted so much time after the interview to tell me about the job, but my age may be working against me here. They didn't seem to care about the fake charge in Kalifornia, especially since I was up front about it, but the ultimate decision may have been made by someone who doesn't believe in corruption. :confused:

Ah, well, I'm still in the running for the state job, no word on that yet, and everything is still so slow due to the current situation. In the meantime, I'll keep checking the job listings, but my first mission today is to get cleaned up and make a store run, as I'm gonna need beer this weekend to "drown my sorrows" [sob]. ;)

P.S. I'd like to put my CDL-A back to good use, but the thought of rehoming the cats just so I can go on the road doesn't sit well with me... and I'm not sure I can trust any 'roommate' to take care of them properly, unless the roommate is a relative. Meh, I'll contemplate all of this later with a cold beer in my hand. That state job may still come through too, since preference would supposedly be given to those with a Class A license and plenty of experience. :rolleyes:

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Okay, now I'm back at the ol' hacienda, enjoying a cold beer... and I gotta tell y'all, lately I've been doing some deep thinking, and I'm seriously considering rehoming my cats, liquidating all assets, buying a bad@$$ bluewater pilothouse cruiser and sailing to friggin' Australia via Hawaii and the South Seas. No lie, I am SERIOUSLY considering this... the hardest part is right at the outset, rehoming my beloved cats, but I could find decent homes for 'em by running free ads in the local rag, and once that's done, well, then I'm free to do whatever I want. :rolleyes:

Now, I'm still in the running for a state job here in Arizona, so I won't do anything rash or hasty, but I will walk into that yard & office next week and ask 'em straight up about the job. Because if they already chose someone else, then my employment options narrow down... go over the road again in a big truck, which means rehoming the cats anyway, find a roommate reliable enough to care for my home & cats while I'm away (ugh!!!), or slave away at some WallyWorld-type job with zero benefits & zero future, pfffffffft. I'm getting a little too old for that bull$h!t... :confused:

However, I'm still plenty young enough to chuck everything, buy that bluewater pilothouse cruiser and hit the ocean running... go off on the adventure of a lifetime, leaving enough in the bank to later unload the boat, return to the U.S. and go trucking anyway. And who knows what might happen on such a voyage? Might meet some cool gal in Australia and marry for citizenship, who knows? Might meet the daughter of some tribal chieftain in the South Seas or Papua-New Guinea (full-on cannibals & headhunters, LOL) and marry for LOVE (my betrothed weighing 250 lbs., not an ounce of fat, built like an NFL ballplayer). :eek:

Did I mention the filed-down and sharpened teeth? Makes it easier to rip and tear the flesh of the "LONNNNG PIG!!!" Oh, yeah, throw in some native bling, bones through noses & shrunken skulls for earrings or pendants, those will certainly add to the ambience when it comes to romantic dinners, LOL. And afterward, I'll be the poster child for painkillers: "NOT TONIGHT, DARLIN', I HAVE A HEADACHE!!!" Or: "NOT TONIGHT, DARLIN', HAVE YOU SEEN MY DOAN'S PILLS & ICY HOT W/ LIDOCAINE??? AND WHERE THE H3LL DID I LEAVE MY BACK BRACE???" ;)

But again, what if I stumbled across some small South Seas island where the chieftain was laid-back, his daughter was hot (and looking for U.S. citizenship, God only knows WHY), I used my boat to go fishing all the time, and I wound up chucking my whole American identity in favor of the island life? Don'tcha still believe in such places? Or are they all Hollywood myths? Maybe every last South Seas island is built up to the absolute limit, nothing but MILES UPON MILES of UGLY TRACT HOUSING, with Section 8 ghettos, gangbangin' hoodrats, Democratic voters, the whole ugly nine yards, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :eek:

These are the thoughts which are going through my head as I key this post... ya know, not to dwell too hard on politics and all, but what if things here in the U.S. only get WORSE? What if NOW is the best time to liquidate assets, buy that bluewater cruiser, provision the boat well and head to sea? What if---in the long run---this proves to be the best choice of all, with the U.S. in smoking ruins and utter chaos across the Lower 48? I don't like to dwell on such thoughts, but by God, there's a whole heap of evil NWO bastards & dirty globalist swine vying for control of this country, AYE??? :mad:

So I don't know, I'll contemplate this further as the weekend progresses, but I'm REALLY starting to think that this would be a GOOD TIME to take a cruise... and for those who believe in the stupid 'pandemic', what better way to "socially distance" oneself than to go sailing in a hardcore way? And I'm the f#%ng guy to do it too, especially with the right equipment aboard that bluewater pilothouse cruiser. Note to self: don't forget to buy a lever-action Henry 'Golden Boy' .30-30 rifle and Colt or S&W .44 Magnum pistol before leaving Arizona, LOL. Find or make a good place to hide 'em aboard that bluewater pilothouse cruiser... ;)

If anything, the Henry 'Golden Boy' will make a fine present to my new father-in-law, the elder chieftain of "The Island of Mahi-Mahi!!!" LOL... better keep the pistol handy in case his daughter gets too amorous. Second note to self: buy hollow-points for self defense before leaving Arizona. Well, damn, I already have to slash, so I reckon I'll post this up and handle my 'bidness' before returning to plague y'all like a bad rash... that 'bidness' is straight-up Minneapolis Ebonics, let no man call me a "racist" when I GO OUT OF MY WAY to EMBRACE DIFFERENT CULTURES, LOL. Those goddam cannibals are startin' to look pretty good, LOL... :cool:

Edit: I should probably add that I've skippered much larger craft than Lasers, Minifish, etc., to include large sloops, cutters, an old schooner and various power craft, again to include steel vessels of 100 tons & 350 tons (the skippering of these last two wholly unofficial, the captains just asking me to take the helm while they took a slash or whatever). But I DID get to steer those larger craft, and I wouldn't have any problem steering a pilothouse cruiser under 50' in length. :rolleyes:
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Holy Cr@p!!! They found Noah's Ark!!! It wasn't on Mt. Ararat after all, it was in Huntington Beach (a.k.a. Surf City, USA), where good friends of mine used to live... I'd ride my rice rocket up there back in the day, dunno how I survived all that traffic. Cool pier though, and "The Wedge" within striking distance in Newport Beach. :cool:

Noah's Ark - boats - by owner - marine sale

Anyone remember the H.B. local who made a home out of an old wooden water tower & tank? I think it was wooden, now it has been so long that I've forgotten the details. Pretty tall though, the dude must've had a great view from up there, LOL. Kinda like living in an old lighthouse, but this was some sorta tank & tower. :rolleyes:

Wouldn'tcha know it, shortly after stumbling across Noah's Ark I saw this Kite for $15, LOL... needs a little work, but $15 with a dolly thrown in too? :confused:

$15 Kite sailboat and yard dolly! - boats - by owner - marine sale

Probably make a decent cartopper as well, while a couple hundred bucks and some elbow grease would bring her back to life... ;)
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It's a-cookin' out there, and I mean HOT, Buoys & Gulls!!! :confused:

But I got some good news from family members, no forced relocation required just yet... in fact, I wanna wait to see the election results before I make any final choice, as the results will certainly affect my decision (should I be required to relocate). :rolleyes:

For now, I'm just pulling research on various areas, using Joel Skousen's excellent book STRATEGIC RELOCATION, along with Realtor.Com & other Internet sites. I'm also checking job listings in those areas of interest, since that's another factor I have to consider. ;)

I know this: if I relocate, I'll be near water again, whether it's a large lake or the ocean (Carolinas or Gulf Coast). If I choose to relocate near the Gulf Coast, it'll probably be in southern Alabama or the Florida Panhandle, but I haven't written off other areas like eastern Oklahoma, Tennessee and northern Alabama. :cool:

So sailing will definitely be a factor when I make my decision, I've enjoyed my time here in the mountains & high desert of Arizona, but if I'm forced to relocate I will go where my money will do the most good, jobs are available, and recreational opportunities abound! :)

I've seen some really nice (and inexpensive) properties in some areas, but I'm also checking taxes, resupply points (for food & beer), the job scene, political climate and other important factors. Gotta watch it with relocation and these fixer homes, so ya don't wind up with "buyer's remorse!" :eek:

Of course, I'll never live in another city again, no future in that, but I need to be close enough to town(s) or industry so more jobs are available... good news is that I've traveled extensively through every state under consideration, so I know firsthand what those areas are like. That helps, believe me. :D

Skousen's book is also a godsend, he really breaks down EVERYTHING: taxes, crime, political leanings & corruption, he even has a 'Corruption Index' for each and every state, LOL. Probably why ya won't find his book on any library shelves, ya gotta make a 'special order' to read his words of wisdom. ;)

And lemme tell ya, he pulls no punches with his assessments, LOL... he is definitely NOT some PC tard. That ol' boy knows his stuff when it comes to relocation... no dummy either, he's a former Marine pilot and probably the world's leading expert on secure & self-sustaining homes. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I gotta get cleaned up and head to the store to buy more beer, now that I have money in my account again. I've spent the past three days researching options for relocation... the sunset cruise ain't happening yet, that's a last resort for when the country REALLY starts swirlin' down the $h!tter, LOL. :eek:

But I can still consider sailing options, might even buy a small boat on the other end of my relocation... AFTER I find steady work, that is. I still can't believe I lost a good gubmint job with retirement & everything, just for hollering at some fool of an inmate who kept lighting cigarettes near fuel. :mad:

I gotta remember that we're living in the Brave New Friggin' Socialist/Communist Third World, where PC bull$h!t trumps common sense and goddam OSHA regulations... next time, I'll simply remove myself to a safe distance and fire the fuel containers myself, blowing the idiot off the map, LOL. :D

Oh, wait, that's not to be construed as a "criminal threat"---that's something called humor, LOL. Can you say "HUMOR? H-U-M-O-R, HUMOR." Gotta be careful in this idiotic & insane PC world, otherwise I'll wind up breaking rocks in the hot sun at the Yuma Territorial Prison, PFFFFFFT. :(


P.S. I saw one cool home in great shape on a rural or semi-rural lot, only an hour from Myrtle Beach, SC, where I had a blast in the past. Still gotta check the job listings & demographics & all, but the home is NICE (with acreage), and I can probably get it for $30-32K cash. Taxes were only $97 per year, LOL... I'm also looking at a couple of places in NC, not too far from the ocean and the Outer Banks. Gotta see how the election goes before I commit to any of those locations... :confused:

Edit: Here are some pics of my tools of the relocation trade:

IMG_0326.JPG IMG_0327.JPG

Nice symbols for nuke targets nationwide, LOL... primary and secondary targets. Red dots and solid red areas are population, don't wanna be in those areas for a multitude of reasons. Check out the corruption index, I used Kalifornia as an example, LOL. Hey, Norcalsail, if you're sailing on Tomales Bay when the bombs drop, you should be upwind of the fallout, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn, I love this book, it has SO much useful information... :confused:
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Forgot to mention that those clusters of red arrows on one national map show the nuke silo fields in Wyoming, Montana & North Dakota... if ya live downwind of any of those areas when the foreign bombs drop, you will certainly improve your tan in Guinness World Record time, LOL. ;)

Alright, NOW I'm off to bag a shower and some beer... just started pouring rain too, don'tcha know? Meh, no stinking monsoon rain is gonna keep me from driving to the store to buy beer... though I may get SOAKED in the WallyWorld parking lot. :eek:

CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

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I dunno about the 'peacock' comparison... more like an eagle, or (at my age) a buzzard, beautiful in flight but not so pretty up close, LOL. :eek:

That's a nice-looking little ketch, very pretty in her own right... and that option is still on the table, especially if this country goes south after the election. :confused:

But right now I'm still in the running for a good state job, so I don't wanna act too hastily, despite my current frustrating circumstances. :mad:

If you recall, I had planned to visit the coast at least twice per year on paid vacay, cramming in as much sailing as possible on each trip... ;)

And if this state job comes through, then I'm right back on that program, otherwise I reckon I may relocate and/or live aboard a boat for awhile... :cool:


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The peacock reference is from the action-comedy movie 'The Other Guys' with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. It's a good laugh all the way through.
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Oh, okay, I don't think I ever saw that one... but nowadays, I can always use a good laugh. Gonna be another hot day today... boy, I'll be glad when this summer is over, hasn't exactly been a banner year for me since the job loss, but if I get this state job things will turn around pretty quickly. Same benefits, if not better, and a pay raise to boot! But first I gotta get the job... hopefully I find out soon, can't happen too soon as far as I'm concerned. :rolleyes:

P.S. My proximity to the yard and my valid Arizona CDL-A both work in my favor, while I can pass any drug screen known to man, since I'm no pothead or tweakin' crackerhead, LOL. Not to imply that I've never burned any chronic, but it has been awhile... I'm really just a good old-fashioned beer man, ya know? I can do shots with the best of 'em, and sometimes I do when I have company over to play pool on the 8' table, but I classify myself as a 'beer man.' :cool:

Here's a file photo of the cats passed out after taking too many shots of blue agave tequila:

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Man, it's warm out there, and there's a bit of humidity too, I can feel it whenever I step outside. Thank goodness for these awnings, every bit of shade helps. I dunno how those darned cats can take the heat in their fur coats, they seem to prefer it to the A/C in our home. At least they're lying on the relatively cool concrete slab under the awning on the east side, rather than getting roasted by the blazing hot sun. Krazy Kats!!! :confused:

Arizona is known for its sunshine---300+ days of sunshine per year---and at the height of summer this same sunshine gets brutal, killing people who are unprepared, broken down or lost in the desert. No lie, this is why I suspend or limit outdoor operations at this time of year, including yard work... which I'll do at first light while it's still fairly cool. I ain't gettin' any younger, and I can really feel that blazing sun beating down at midday. :(

Oh, well, fall is around the corner, and the weather will soon be perfect, with tolerable warmth and nice cool nights at elevation. Funny how temps in the 80s can feel cool and refreshing after one has just been through a long hot summer, LOL. I'm not joking either, but of course those will be DRY temps in the 80s, no humid slop whatsoever. Later, come wintertime, daytime temps will really drop and snow may fly in the high desert... I've seen it several times already. :rolleyes:

Edit: Here's a link to a story I wrote about climbing a forbidding spire in the Mohawk Mountains of SW Arizona... a cool adventure I had in my 'trucking daze.' Note that I mentioned the very same brutal heat in this story, LOL. I'll tell ya, if you're not prepared, that desert heat and blazing sun will kick your @$$, no doubt about it... you'll feel like Tuco stumbling across the desert, gasping and croaking for "Water!!!" ;)

Mohawk Mountain Madness
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Good grief!!! Monsoon rains just hit hard... skies opened up and now there's a river running down my street. Yard looks like a lake, this storm should green things up a bit. Wish I had left 'The Mighty Camry' on the driveway, I could've scored a free redneck car wash... boy, that last rain squall was fierce, the rain just hammering down on the metal awnings. Scared the cats, that's for sure, and the wind had that rain slanting hard too. Oh, well, it'll cool things off, and it's about time for me to fire up the 65" curved screen... dinner before too long, and tomorrow's another day. Hasta luego!!! :rolleyes: