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Compressed air coming out of stern plug


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So I have search far and wide for an answer to a question only I seem to be asking.

Whether it be having the plug in for 10 minutes or a 4 hour session when the plug comes out compressed air shoots out the stern plug for about 5-15 seconds.

-Yes I take my plug out every night/ when I am not sailing
-When i travel I take my plug out
-My breather hole appears to be punctured (thats a good thing right)

I have a feeling this is causing my 2012 laser to slowly delaminate.



As Rob suggests, check/redrill the breather hole under the mainsheet block - you can check it with a coat hanger or drill bit, you should be able to insert at least 1/2" (you should be able to insert it until it bumps up against the daggerboard trunk, but I've forgotten if that is an inch or more away.

If you get less then 1/8" to 3/16" of an inch (the approx thickness of the cockpit laminate) before it stops, the hole is not all the way thru and you should finish the job with a drill. Put a wrap of tape around the bit 1/2" from the top so you know where to stop.

All of my boats that did not leak (ie airtight except for the breather hole) would "exhale" after heating up, more so in the summer with the sun directly overhead, either after taking the cover off or coming from a sailing session where water was 10-20 degrees cooler then the air. Not much different from the soapy water test when you use a hair dryer or vacuum exhaust and blow into the hull. 5 seconds sound typical, don't think I've had one that exhaled for 15 seconds. I would not be concerned if I knew the breather hole was indeed open, but if you are, you could increase the size of the hole by 1/16"


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Just incase anyone is reading this now, what the two posters commented did indeed work. I am having no issues and I thank you both a lot !