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Compass bezel

Clif B

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I have a Ritchie XP-99W compass. The dial is surrounded by a bezel that can be rotated. The bezel is marked in five degree increments with numbers every 30 degrees. This feature is called CourseMinder. Can anyone tell me how this feature can be helpful in sailing? Ritchie can’t.


Upside down?
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Here is a link to the Instructions:

I mount my Ritchie compass on my Sunfish when racing in higher-level events, just to detect wind shifts. Especially useful when out in open waters without landmarks.
I have never used the bezel feature but I imagine that it could be useful for long-distance racing or cruising.

PS: My Ritchie compass (XP-98 I think; about 10 years old) was sold under the name Tactician.