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Been through the threads looking for discussion of horn vs. clamcleat for halyard(mast mount). Has anyone with clamcleats had a problem with them slipping when the halyard tail is tensioned for a vang ? I have been thinking that two clamcleats (if they don't slip per formentioned)would allow for a jens rig and also keep halyards seperate. Also seems lower profile clamcleat allows a more solid connection if one is using rivets. Any thoughts/experience would be appreciated , Sandy


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I like to keep things as simple as possible and 'class legal' as well. In that context, two cleats on the mast is not legal (rule 3.5.9). More in general, the fewer holes in the mast, the smaller the chance of leakage and structural problems.

A horn cleat is easier on the halyard. Moreover, in case I change to a different diameter halyard, my horn cleat would still work; a c(l)am cleat might not. And a slipping halyard on a windy day might present problems that I can do without...


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I use a clamcleat with a side opening as it is really fast to rig. On the rare occassion when I use a Jens rig (the boom gets real low and my cone barely fits under) I take the Jens line to the deck and cleat it on the deck cleat. BB