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Just made arrangements to buy a '84 C14 from a guy I work with. The boat is in great condition but EXTREMELY dirty.

What is the best way to go about cleaning the hull? I was thinking I would break out the rubbing compound and go at it.

More importantly, how do you clean up a mooring cover that has extensive mildew build up on it?


Rubbing compound is a good idea if it's a colored hull that's faded. For white hulls you could simply use Soft Scrub, available at any supermarket. Use a large kitchen sponge with the scrubbie on one side.

Once clean, DO NOT use car wax. I recommend a marine polish, Starbrite with Teflon. Happy scrubbing...


#3 USED to be white :rolleyes: Softscrub and a scrub sponge...sounds easy enough.

Any ideas about how to clean the morring cover?
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I would just like to take this opportunity to say HOLY SCHMOKES!!

Soft Scrub and a brillo worked miracles on my boat!! I can't believe how well this worked!

Thanks for the tip!