cleaning the compartment

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I bought an old Capril last fall and am trying to get it ready.

I finally opened the compartment (should have aired it out) and found mildew over equipment and a covering on the bottom of the compartment.

Can it be hosed out? Would chemicals (bleach, or something else) hurt the boat? I'm guessing it will drain out the drain hole, but what do I do if it gets clogged?

Or should I be worried about it at all.

This is the first of many questions, I'm sure. Thank you for any help you can give this newbie.

Ed Jones

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Cleaning the cuddy

I'd suggest you spray with 409. Then take out the drain plug and hose the bejeebers out of it. Don't worry, it'll run out just fine as long as the stern sits lower than the bow. Let it dry out completely.