Classic Vang Line Cleat

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I have a mid 70s classic setup Laser. My question is about the vang; i know the cunningham is supposed to come down to the fairlead then though the cleat (where the mast meets the deck), but am I supposed to have a cleat for the vang? I went sailing and pulled on the vang, it pulled the boom down, but after I let go, the line loosened and it went back to where it was.


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The vang doesn't cleat on the deck, but on the block fixture that attaches to the boom. The line jams into the V-portion of the block to cleat.

I can't image one of these not cleating. The problem was always getting the line to uncleat.


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how to fix the problem it if wont uncleat?
To begin with, the line has to be on the thick side. 6 millimetres is good, 5 mm absolute minimum. It has to be relatively stiff, too, so it doesn't flatten too much in the cleat. If the line is too thin or soft, it's harder to uncleat, and can actually get stuck pretty badly. If your line is original it's probably ok.

When uncleating, you have to pull the line almost in the direction of the axis of the whole system (towards the boom key block). You can improve that awkward uncleating angle quite a bit with a swivel between the cleat block and the mast tang. (I think I said in another post that it changes adjusting the vang from nearly impossible to manageable.)


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