Centreboard Bumps


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I’m new here so be nice…..

I have just bought a Laser all good but one thing is the centreboard has a few bumps (see photos).

Previous owner things it happened when he left the board out in the ( Australian) sun.

Not sure what board construction is (boat is from about 2012).

How can I repair? Is it okay to sand down, then recoat (with what)?



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The board is made of polyurethane foam with an internal steel grid reinforcement. The bumps look consistent with heat damage that I’ve seen before, so the previous owner is likely correct.

The bumps are the result of expanded air bubbles inside the foam. When you sand one down, you’ll expose a cavity which you need to fill with something more or less equally hard as the foam. I’d use Plastic Padding Marine Filler; no idea what something equivalent on the Australian market might be called, though :oops:

Any semi-glossy white spray paint should do for the final touch.