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We had to remove all ropes, etc from the boat for storage last winter. I'm now trying to put it back together. I ordered and used the Handbook for boom, mast, transom (thank you!). But I'm having trouble with the centerboard. Does anyone have a picture of what the floor of the boat should look like? I have to replace the shockcord (I've been using a bungee cord), but can't figure out how the CB rigging should go. I have 4 ropes left over, so hope they go there ;)

Thanks for your help!
Hi Linda,

I didn't see if you mentioned what model you have? I've seen a mod II with controls on both sides for raising and lowering the centerboard but on my mod III there is a single line on the port side of the floor that goes up in front of the board. Please let us know what type you have.
Here are two pictures from my Mod II that might help. However, I recently changed the setup to a single line down the center just to the port of the centerboard. It has less parts and works easier.

Here is the first picture


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Yes, those pictures help....thanks! But I must have a ModIII as there is only one pulley in the front. How do I tell which Mod I have...Hull #4704I798

thanks again
You probably have a mod III which means you will have a single line going down the floor on the port side of the CB.

As you look forward to below the hatch you will have a pulley/block on the left and a little loop just to the right. Take your line and put a knot in one end and feed it into the loop on the right then through the metal loop attached to the top of the CB and then back through the pulley/block up front. then from there you go back along the port side of the CB on the floor through a cleat and then through a small block on the floor about half way back on the boat. Leave enough so you can haul up on the line to raise the board.


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Here's the sheet that came with my 2003

Now I have the 14.2 expo, but the centerboard is the same as the more recent 'stayed' boats.
My wife and I just bought a 1988 model and I was just surfing through the messages and looked at your picture because I don't like the double line. However, I really liked your cutty hatch. Did you make it or is it stock. My hatch just slips up under the rail on top and is a bit of a pain.

hatch cover


I too am taken with your hatch cover and would like to make one for myself.

It looks like you make it from solid teak. Is that right? Did you use any plywood? How did you attach the inside "box" to the cover? It looks like you used angle-drilled screws. Is that right? If so why? Are they bolted onto the cover? Is the canvas pouch attached to the outside of the cover?

You say the hatch cover will lift off its hinges, but it looks like it tucks right under the teak overhang. How does that work? Did you use brass hardware? Stainless?

20/20 hindsight, anything you'd change if you did it again?

Anyhow, its a work of art. You could probably sell a bunch to owners of older C-14.2s if you were so inclined. Congratulations on a good design well executed.

Jim Ach
I did not replace the bag because I like the solid Teak. Instead I installed a couple of small rope holders for the sheets - one port and one starboard.

Here are some part numbers and "could have done betters" not easily seen in the original picture.