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Capris at Sea (@ Fort Walton Beach)

Tim & Kim pinged me from a post in these forums and said they'd be in the area on vacation with their Capri and would enjoy exchanging tips and tricks.

The weather was fantastic and at times a bit sporty. We launched with 10kts gusting to 14 beating up the bay, made it to a great beaching spot, stopped to debrief what I'd seen with suggestions then pushed back home in 14kts gusting to 17 on primarily reaches ending in a run. They did great and are walking away with plans for more purposeful quick tacks and jibes backed up with a consistent routine pattern for sail trim. They're undoubtedly going to be putting a ton of fun nautical miles on their fine craft!

If anyone is bringing their Capri to the Destin/Fort Walton Florida area ping us and we'll put to sea with you.

Chris & Tammy
(Pirate & Mermaid)

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I've come to prefer the cooler cloudy days for sailing. The older I get the less can tolerate long periods of sun and heat, it just saps my energy. From all the years of exposure (construction and watersports in my younger days) I've had some divots removed due to skin cancer! Wearing all the protective gear possible these days. Chicago had record heat this summer and I actually missed some sailing time due to this. Also have a pool in the backyard so that's a real tempting alternative. Might be relocating to St. Louis which is like going from the frying pan into the fire!


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I would absolutely recommend taking Pirate (Chris) up on the invite to sail in the Ft. Walton area - West side of the Choctawhatchee Bay, it is a beautiful, wide-open location with a good ramp and beach to rig the boat. Kim and I had a wonderful time - a huge step up from sailing in our narrow lakes around Atlanta for certain. We are more on the beginning side of sailing and Chris graciously shared his clearly expert knowledge enabling us to comfortably sail in agreeably “sporty” winds. Kim and I definitely came away as better sailors - Thank you Chris for your hospitality, your guidance and for a very wonderful time!!

Tim & Kim