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Caprice 15


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Hello Sailing forums, I come to you in a time of need.

I am an Ohioan college student who discovered sailing after working at a Boy scout summer-camp for a summer. I passed by a sailboat for sale on the side of the road for 500 bucks. What a steal! I thought to myself and bought the boat for that price. A Caprice 15 that I assumed I would be able to fix easily and put back on the water in 2 weeks. The hull holds water, all the ropes and sails are in good condition, it has its centerboard and rudder. It needs both tires, the wires down the sides of the boat replaced and a tiller. I just made the rigging, ordered the tiller and next paycheck I will buy new tires. I will include pictures tomorrow.

Here are my questions.
Is there a reason I can't find anything on this boat say obvious flaws or well known horror stories?
Is there anyone out there with the same boat who can offer me some tips or service advice on how to restore this sailboat?
Is 500 bucks too much for a project like this?

Here is the wikipedia link, not that its useful.