Capri/Catalina 14.2 definition

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I see Capri and Catalina 14.2 referred to together. The Catalina web site lists a Capri as a 22 footer. Is there a Capri "model' of the 14.2 or what is the Capri?
There are a few other models of Capri sailboats made by Catalina and they are usually more of a "performance" variation of a model .

There are Capri 14's in various flavors and from various manufactuers ( depending on when they were made ) and the legal system was needed to sort out ownership of the name. Schock made a Capri 14 long ago that had a fixed keel ( it is now known as the Harbor 14 ) . the Omega 14 is the foreunner to the Catalina 14.2 and lately there has been a Cat rigged Expo 14.2 .

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Capri/Catalina 14.2

Thanks, Rob!
Do you know if Catalina still makes a model called Capri that is just the 14.2 with extra "bells and whistles"? The catalina dealer I talked to said the only Capri made by Catalina is the Capri 22.
I have seen Capri 13's ,14's, 16's, 18's, 25's and 30's the Capri 22, 25 and 30 are more sportier than their equivalents, the Catalina 22 or Catalina 250 or Catalina 30, boats that lean towards the comfort end of the sailing.

The 14.2's have seen described as both a Capri 14.2 or Catalina 14.2 , although it seems any after year 2000 seem to be referenced as Catalinas. I just call them C14.2's .

Good luck in your search !

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Capri/Catalina 14.2

Thanks again. Yes, that's kind of what I figured: that the Capri was an earlier version or designation for the 14.2.


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I didn't know dat

Schock made a Capri 14 long ago that had a fixed keel ( it is now known as the Harbor 14 ) .

I didn't know Shock made the Capri 14 originally. Is that hull similar to the later Capri 14? I have owned two Lido 14s and I thought my Omega 14 might have been a much improved model that someone designed after looking hard at the Lido. So I guess my question is: Who originally designed the Omega 14?
Frank Butler made the first Omega 14 , His story is a very interesting one. He originally made Coronado's ( Victory 21's and the Coronado mid-size cruisers) and eventually sold the company to Columbia , He formed Catalina Yachts after they rejected one of his designs - the Catalina 22 ! the rest is history .

The Capri 14 W.D.Schock ( Lido's , Santana's , Harbor series) made is a Lido with a fixed keel . I have actually seen quite a few of them at the lakes.

There are some Catalina 14.2's out there with Fixed Keels too, I have only seen one in my travels. Like the Harbor 14 it looked slow, but stable, compared to other dinghies on the water that day .

I have heard much debate on the Lido versus C14.2 and I have to say the 14.2 wins hands down.

Good sailing!



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Thanks, all good information.

That is an interesting history all right. Do the Omega, capri and the Lido have a Portsmith number? I'll have to look that up.
"The Capri 14 W.D.Schock ( Lido's , Santana's , Harbor series) made is a Lido with a fixed keel ."

The Lido is a Schock product. The Capri 14.2 is not . The Lido is the superior race boat between the two but I have enjoyed my Capri 14.2 as a nice all round boat. My 2 cents.
Read the posts again - W.D.Schock made a Capri 14 , it is now called the Harbor 14 .

Catalina has made the Omega and Capri 14.2 , the Omega was also originally called the Capri 14. Lawsuits led to the change to Omega 14 and the addition of the .2

Which boat is superior ? I have sailed past Lidos upwind and downwind . The 14.2 has more sail area and similar displacement . The 14.2 is far more comfortable to sail especially for the crew .

That said , Lidos have a huge following especially in my waters , hence plenty of them to race against each other, making them the larger class to sail with .

its about definition of fun.

Good sailing !

"Read the post again", no need to, I understand what you posted.

In a fleet of mixed well sailed Capri 14.2s and Lidos, the Lidos will sail away from the C14.2s. Snipes will crush both, but I still enjoy sailing a C14.2 for all around sailing.

No need to question a person's ability to comprehend a simple internet post.:(
I'm not here to offend anyone Fan , please dont take offense.

We can both agree that the C14.2 is a more comfortable and better all around boat than the Lido , thats what makes it a winner in my books .

Good sailing !



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Portsmouth numbers

Here are my thoughts. I looked up the Lido 14 and it has a Portsmouth number of 98.9. I looked up the Capri 14.2 and it is at 99.4. If I understand this correctly that would suggest the Lido is a little faster. 99.4/98.9 = 1.005055 That is only a half of a percent faster. That would be like 18 seconds in a one hour race. Seems like a better suit of sails, a clean bottom (boat bottom that is) and a light crew would considerably outweigh the difference. I found I consistently did better in the Lido when I had a lighter crew. I don't think you can overcome the handicap of having even just 50 pounds of extra weight in a Lido unless the wind is nearly overpowering.

Incidentally, I have an Omega 14 and the Portsmouth number on that is a whooping 110.6, that is about 11% slower than the C14.2 if you believe the numbers.
Comfort? I thought the L14 was fine. I love the Omega and I would have thought it faster were it not for these numbers. I sure love sailing it.