Capri 14.2 vs Hobie Holder 14 vs Chrysler Mutineer

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I am almost ready to buy my first sailboat and have narrowed it down to these three. For the experienced sailors out there, do you think the Mutineer's heavier hull (410 lbs) would make for a less exciting experience in comparison to the holder (265 lbs) or the capri (340 lbs)?

Also, I will not be using a motor, and this may affect my decision in a boat.

Thanks in advance!
What type of boat?

What part of Virginia are you from? I live in Northern Virginia and just recently had the same question regarding the Hunter 15, Chrysler Mutineer, and a GP14. After reading a number of reviews on each, I ended up purchasing a 1988 Mod I Capri 14.2. My family and I took it out for the first time last weekend and couldn't be happier. I'm new to sailing so I can't speak much about which the other boats and/or which one is best. I just wanted to add that my decision was based on the fact that the Capri 14.2 had great reviews, a large user community and that the manufacturer is still around making finding replacement parts easy. If you live in the Northern Virgnia area and would like to come out for a sail on my Capri 14.2 to try it out let me know. If you have experience sailing I could always use a free lesson!
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Thanks for the replies.

Dehlert, I agree, the community and existing manufacturer aspects are key! That rules out the Hobie holder.

I'm still a little torn between the Mutineer and Capri, but I'm leaning a little more towards the Mutt partially because someone bought the 1988 Mod I Capri 14.2 that was for sale in Virginia Beach. Haha, I'm assuming that was you. (I was in contact with Dave H. about the boat too, but it looks like you beat me to it.)

I live in Richmond, but will be sailing near DC, as the boat will be kept around that area. I'm actually hoping to buy a boat as soon as this weekend, so if Irene doesn't creep up the coast by Saturday maybe I'll see you on the water.

I am a novice sailor, but picking it up quickly. I'm sure we could mutually benefit each other from discussion, but I'm guessing we are similar in skill level.

My Mutineer was a better sailing boat but my present 14.2 Mod 1 is more comfortable and roomy. You should be happy with either. My Sunfish is a hoot when winds get above 20.