Capri 14.2 Expo

I'm getting a 2003 14.2 Expo on Saturday, and Catalina says they are more stable with the carbon mast that bends in a puff and spills the wind. Any owners out there who have experience with the boat? Would you still suggest a mast head float of some kind? My Mod 1 capri will soon be for sale if anyone is interested: Gig Harbor WA
I assume the Expo is a swing keel? The fixed keel model is tons more stable but unless you're leaving it moored I'm sure it's a PITA to launch, retreive, and store. As far as the mast head float, check out my posts for the Baby Bob, I've yet to capsize, but it's nice security in case you do. One of my buddies turtled his Capri last year, the mast got stuck in the lake bottom, the boat was filled with water when it finally was righted, a nightmare indeed!
The Expo has a rotating mast that lets the sail be reefed to any point, so it can't use a normal Baby Bob type float, and I have never seen a float on the expo mast. Now that I have the boat, I might be able to figure out a float o0f some kind.