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Cannot sell

Alan j

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So I put my beloved Capri on Craig’s
I love my boat but I’m saving up for a Capri 22 to put on a mooring here in mission bay. I have all my tackle ready and I’m scouting out for the right boat. And then it happens.
Last Saturday I took a coworker out on the 14 and he hiked out and we both had that smile on our face, you know the one I’m talking about that “I love this boat face”
I’m at crossroads I want a keel boat for wine and cheese and sometimes camping out on, maybee a trip to Catalina. But dangit I just can’t get rid of my little Capri. I’m trying to justify having both. I think I can still keep my Capri in the garage and sail her when I’m in the mood but it’s possible I might spend all my time on the new keel boat and neglect BBC(14’s name)
Plus my brother just got a hobie 16 and we’re having a blast with that.AND to stir the pot we just finished restoring a force5 (lazer)

This summer is gonna be busy.

And even as I write this I’m making dyneema standing rigging for the Capri . And installing a swim ladder.
Shoots i think posting this actually answers my question.

I love to sail


Alan j

New Member
P.s that picture is when we were doing our asa104 class and half way to Catalina Island our steering quadrant broke on a Beneteau 40 had to use the emergence tiller all the way back to Long Beach was a good breeze at 20-25 and when the cable snapped it must have hit some wires cause we couldn’t get the motor started and basically had to balance our sails as much as possible so the tiller could be manageable.
Is a very good and very long camp fire storie to save for another forum

Just thought I’d throw it in there for fun