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Thank you torrid. Is there a byte sailing group in the SF Bay Area? I live in Tracy and work in Redwood City.


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I just went to Google, and that was the first thing that popped up. I guess that website would have details on when/where they meet.


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I just bought a used 2000 Byte sailboat. Where can I get an owners manual for it?:)

Here's a perfect Byte Owner's manual.

Dear new Byte owner. We hope your Byte brings you as much pleasure as it possibly can. For that reason we have provided this owners manual.

here are some simple steps Byte owners can use to maximize their pleasure.

1. Clean your new Byte and , once dried thoroughly, fold and store the sails.
2. Take some photos. Make certain there is nothing identifiable in the background that might even possibly reveal your location.
3. Go to your computer. Open
4. Pick a nearby city , but not your own city, from the list.
5. Post an ad in the free stuff section.
6. Wait for return emails from your ad. DO NOT REPLY TO THOSE RETURNED MESSAGES!!!
7. Post a second ad claiming the return email feature failed and announce teh boat will be droped off at noon at some Walmart parking lot.
8. Before leaving home, delete the ads.
9. Go to the parking lot no later than 10 AM, unload the boat in the lot at the agreed upon meeting place and go hide where you can see as the boat is taken..
10. Drive home by some circuitous and unlikely route while maiing certain no one is following you.

11. Go buy a Laser
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I didn't think the Byte was so bad.
Maybe you could be more specific in explaining the downfalls of this boat.
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first, you must be a newbie to the forum 'cause that is our version of humor.

second, the Byte is probably a good boat for what it's worth, but it's not a laser.

third, even other members on The Byte Forum would probably agree with statement above.

fourth, i would not recommend attempting to sell your Byte on TLF, but i'm sure you'll find a number of fine used lasers in the Boats for Sale section when you're ready to purchase.


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The Byte was designed for lighter weight sailors. Pretty popular in Canada, obviously, and the Far East. I think it's fair to say that the class didn't really catch on in the USA.

A few years ago the manufacturer introduced a new rig, the CII, which features a more bendable (carbon) spar. So now there are really two versions of the boat.