Question Buying sails: types and windows


I currently have the original red white and blue sails. They are faded and pretty beat up. I was considering getting some new sales from Catalina Direct with some reefing points. However, it doesn’t have a window in the jib.

I have enjoyed having a window does it matter to not have one? I’m only doing day sailing with the family.

Also, recently, I went out on a Lido 14 with racing sales and they were really loud and made an awful crinkling sound

How do I make sure that the new sails are going to be quiet like my current ones?


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My 2015 14.2K has the standard window in the jib and it lets me have a little more vision forward since I always sail alone. Most jibs which I have used on various size boats have had a window in them but I am not sure how important it really would be for cruising, which I only do now.

Can CD add the window or does Doyle also still provide sails to Catalina?, not sure. Also, the other Catalina website, Catalina Yachts Store, indicates that they sell replacement sails for the 14.2 by Doyle since that was/is the provider for Catalina (I think). My sails are Doyle and have held up very well.

Also, regarding "sound" of sails, I suspect that the Lido was using a mylar based set of sails or something similar. I have always used dacron based sails and the don't have the snap or stiffness of heavier racing sails.

Maybe some of this helps.