Buying a used C14



Does anyone have any suggestions of potential problem areas that I should look for when buying a used C14?

Also, I can seem to find anywhere that list the hull numbers that are Mod 1's, Mod 2's or Mod 3's.

Used Capri 14.2s

If you look in the Frequently Asked Questions page of this website you'll see this question - "Where can I find out more about used Capri 14.2s?" Then click on that question for a detailed response.

Mod 1s were built up until about hull number 2900, but this could be off by a hundred or so either way. Likewise, I think Mod 3s started at about hull number 4300, but that's also an estimate.
Thanks. I did end up actually reading the FAQ section instead of skimming it as I had done previously. There is some very good information in there.

It also gave some very good information about the differences between the models.

Thanks for the reply.